Toolbox talk on working at height.

Working at height toolbox talk

Working at height toolbox talk

Working at height are work activities above 1.8 meters or below the ground level. It’s a task where there is a possibility of a fall if the necessary precautions are not in place. Working at height constitutes an accident on a worksite. More reasons we need to practise working at height safety on our site.

Working at height poses a hazard such as 

  • Falling objects from height.
  • Fall of persons and tools.
  • The collapse of the platform.
  • Unsafe ladder use.
  • Absence of edge protection or poorly done edge protection
  • Poorly erected scaffold
  • Absence of fall protective measures.

Working at height safety: What can we do to promote working at height safety today?

  • Plan all work and supervise them by competent persons.
  • Competent persons must do work at height jobs. Competency means having the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and attitude on the Job.
  • Assess all work risks before each task and then put them under control.
  • Try working from a ground level since working at height poses more harm. 
  • If possible, minimize the distance of the work to the ground. 
  • Ensure proper communication during work through words, signages, signals, and radio.
  • Encourage safe access to all work areas.
  • Inspect all work equipment and do not use damaged or defective equipment.
  • When using the ladders, avoid overloading them.
  • Precautions are needed when working on a fragile surface.
  • Do not rest a ladder on a weak surface. The ladder may topple from this action. 
  • Always use ladders for light-duty jobs. Jobs that don’t take more than 30 minutes. If you’re going to do a heavy-duty job, use other means such as a scaffold or mobile elevated work platform. 
  • Ensure that all scaffold is inspected and tagged for use by competent persons before usage.
  • Report all unsafe practices to your supervisor for immediate action.
  • Wear your full-body harness and ensure you anchor it at the right place while working at a height. 


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