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Specific OSHA Standards from General Industry(29 CFR 1910)

OSHA is an acronym for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They are organizations set up by the United States for the occupational safety and health of workers in the workplace. OSHA is critical in ensuring workplace safety is maintained in various industries. OSHA has a series of safety standards that are essential for employees and employers to ensure safety compliance in the workplace. 

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Workplace noise risk assessment template

Noise risk assessment is an indispensable practice to protect workers from noise at the workplace. On the other hand, noise is an occupational hazard that can be seen in our everyday lives but is more significant in specific environments for instant workplaces. So, this article will examine what a noise risk assessment is about and show us the benefits of conducting one.

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6 easy steps on how to become a safety engineer

A safety engineer is saddled with a lot of responsibilities in the workplace, but then before you can become a safety engineer, you have to undergo some series of training, education and certifications; these requirements are not mere feats; anyone who is desirous of achieving that step must plan carefully to make it at the end.

construction vest safety vest reflective vest

Why do construction workers wear a safety vest?

If you have ever been to or worked near a construction site, you will notice that most workers wear a construction vest, and you may be asking yourself why they wear such a safety vest. Look no further in your quest for the answer; in this article, we will tell you why workers wear a construction vest at their work site and why it has to be so.

ehs software esg ehsq

What is EHS software, and what are its benefits?

EHS software helps companies monitor their workplace environmental health and safety compliance with regulations and improve on it when there are gaps in the system. The EHS software solutions help reduce risk to workers, enhance workplace safety, and reduce environmental impacts.

certified safety professional

How do you become a certified safety professional CSP

How do you become a certified safety professional CSP? The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) are responsible for conducting certified safety professional (CSP )exams. Passing the exams is not child’s play, as every candidate needs to study hard for hours to earn the certificate. … Read More »How do you become a certified safety professional CSP

Safety Health and Environmental (SHE) Manager

Safety Health and Environmental (SHE) Manager

The Regional Safety, Health and Environmental Manager oversees all aspects of occupational safety management at assigned profit centres, implementation and adherence of safety policies and programs, and communicating safety issues to the National Safety Director and/or VP of Safety and Risk Management.

bcsp certification

7 steps to get a bcsp certification even when you’re not living in the USA

The BCSP (Board of Certified Safety Professionals) offers various certifications beneficial for professionals in health and safety. To earn a BCSP certification, an individual must choose a certification that aligns with their work experience and education, create an account profile, pay for and sit an exam, and then maintain their certification annually. Acquiring a BCSP certification can increase employability, influence, and respect within the industry.

TRIR calculation total recordable incident rate photo

TRIR calculation: How to calculate the total recordable incident rate

It is rewarding for a business to have a successful environmental health and safety arrangement that will improve the performance of hse management system. Measuring the performance of any system should also be in place to ascertain its effectiveness and delivery and areas that need improvement.

One of those ways to measure your health and safety performance is by using a metric called TRIR.

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Can a company be sued for employee safety negligence in the USA?

Employee safety is an integral part of any company’s responsibility. According to the Occupational safety and health Act (OSHA Act) of 1970, Every company has the responsibility to protect their employee against workplace hazards. Anyway, some companies are already doing well in this regard. In… Read More »Can a company be sued for employee safety negligence in the USA?