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What is EHS software, and what are its benefits?

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EHS software helps companies monitor their workplace environmental health and safety with regards to regulations and improve on it when there are gaps in the system. The software solutions help reduce risk to workers, enhance workplace safety, and reduce environmental impacts. 

Component of every EHS Software.

  • Health and Safety Management.
  • Environmental management.
  • Occupational health management.
  • Compliance reporting and analysis.
  • Document management.

Benefits of EHS Software.

1. Improved EHS Performance.

EHS performance is vital in any organization. An effective EHS in any organization will improve the company’s overall production and activity. Improving the EHS depends on what the company is doing, for example, ensuring that the workers and everyone feel part of the journey at work by providing resources and support to promote the EHS process. In the same vein, The EHS software can form part of the resources the management offers to improve the EHS performance. 

2. Prevention of Accidents.

According to the National Safety Council, there is an estimated cost of $44000 for every medically consulted injury, and fatality cases from accidents can cost up to $130 million. However, the EHS software helps to prevent accidents by making use of the data to assist in the decision-making process, which in turn will affect and avoid accidents in the workplace. The EHS helps in monitoring maintenance tasks at work. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration OSHA noted that there is a reduction of 60 percent in injury rates within 24 months for every company that has implemented EHS Software in their organization.

3. Compliance with regulations.

The EHS Software helps companies to stay compliant with all safety regulations. When companies comply with safety rules and standards, the fines and penalties that would have come from breaches are controlled appropriately, thereby saving costs for the company.

4. Implementation of management system.

The software will help your company implement the EHS management system effectively since most of the things you should do are majorly seen in the software. 

5. Lower Insurance premiums.

Most insurance companies’ rates are always a function of how risky your industry is and how safe your company is. If your company is becoming too dangerously unsafe, the insurance premium will definitely increase. In this manner, the insurance companies have already found your company highly dangerous, which will increase your insurance rate. The more accidents you have in your company, the more insurance premiums will increase. The EHS software will help ensure that the insurance companies find your company management practices satisfactory. Satisfactory management practices will reduce the accident rate, too.

6. Decision-making process.

With the EHS software, the management can easily make environmental health and safety decisions. They don’t need to rely on someone else to make this decision, as the software can easily be accessed by the concerned parties. 

Which EHS Software should you look out for for your business?

There are many EHS Software in the market today, but one of the EHS Software that should be on your bucket list of items is Enablon EHS.

Enablon software solutions are SaaS-enabled and mobile-ready applications for environment, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) management to protect workers against risks and hazards, comply with regulations, conduct audits and inspections, and manage incidents. 

Enablon EHS Software.

Enablon EHS is one of the EHS software that you can use to improve safety and productivity in your workplace across your facilities, products, and workforce. Enablon has many software that can be deployed for other various activities, but this article focuses on Enablon EHS Software. The Enablon Software is fit for all-purpose solutions for every stage of your digital transformation while working at your company to get result-oriented, data-driven, and mobile-enabled operational goals. 

Enablon has various software solutions in the EHS Category. They include software for environmental management and health and safety management.

Enablon EHS software has the capability of handling extensive databases and capability drill calculations, and it has the potential to train personnel on its demo site. It is user-friendly and covers almost every stream of EHS.

It has a high level of customization and a perfect search retrieval tool that assists in quickly retrieving information and analysis.

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