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What is Cority EHS software used for

Cority EHS Software

Managing environmental health safety and quality will require organizations to use a tool to help them do better. One of those tools that they can deploy is Cority EHS software solutions. Cority EHS software solutions, just as the name implies, is software designed by Cority to help organizations advance their journey in managing their health safety environment and quality to sustainability and operational excellence.

What is Cority EHS software used for?

Cority provides a series of product and technological solutions companies can deploy to manage their environment, health and safety, and every aspect of their business. They have experts within the field of the Saas (software as a service) that help work with them, and they support clients worldwide to provide these solutions to them. 

In 2019, according to the independent research firm Verdantix, Cority was regarded as one the top five most trusted brands in environmental health safety and quality (EHSQ) that ensures clients’ success in its delivery. This was made evident in that Cority has strong leadership and capabilities.

They were formerly known as Medgate and were chosen by 800 global organizations, including the United Nations and NASA.

Cority as software is a cloud-based software that provides data analysis solutions. The software can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection, enabling you to log in to the software. Its intelligence module helps analyze the data and generate custom and standard reports. It also offers a dedicated portal where field workers can access the software with only their mobile phones, even without an internet connection. 

The range of the products that they have about EHSQ are 

1. Cority One.

The Cority One system offers a full scope in managing the environment, health, safety, quality, and analytics throughout the organization. This particular software makes it seamless and integrated so people can deploy it quickly without swapping it with other software. 

2. Enviromental Cloud from Cority.

This particular software from Cority is mainly used to monitor compliance and how to manage the environment towards achieving climate goals. When deployed, it offers a cloud solution that increases the scope for better management of the environment.

3. Health Cloud from Cority.

This Cority health cloud software is mainly used to protect the workers with health in focus. It is comprehensive and designed for occupational health professionals, industrial hygienists, health teams, clinics, and hospitals.

4. Safety Cloud from Cority.

This particular software is mainly used to manage only the safety aspect of the organization. This software lets you focus better on your business efforts to ensure safety.

5. Quality Cloud from Cority.

With your quality cloud from Cority, you are sure of an increase in your quality compliance at work; the defects in your work products are reduced to a minimum. It is an easy-to-use software that will help you move from paper-driven processes to computer cloud-driven ones immediately.

6. Analytics Cloud from Cority.

This Cority Software is optimized for EHS and gives users access to the tools, predictive modelling, and analytics that will help them gain valuable insight into how their operation is running. The software enables you to manage and put control measures in place for risks before they have had a chance to cause serious damage.

Other alternatives to Cority EHS Software.

There are other alternatives that different companies can deploy in their firm to achieve maximum results in the EHS activity. Those software are 

  • Intelex.
  • Pro sapien hseq innovate.
  • EtG reliance.
  • Field Id.
  • Emex.
  • Safety culture.
  • Pervidi.
  • Enablon Ehs.
  • INX Incontrol.
  • ECAT.

Benefits of Cority EHS software.

  • It helps to improve productivity in the work environment.
  • You can get any information that you want on the go. 
  • It is flexible and scalable.
  • The Cority EHS software can streamline safety protection methods and mitigate risk.
  • You can use it to define individual departments Kpi’s and evaluate them over some time.
  • Navigating the software environment is familiar and intuitive.

Cority EHS Software Purchase.

If your organisation desires to inquire about the cority ehs software, they should follow the cority website now.

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