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hazard risk difference

What is the difference between hazard and risk in health and safety?

Hazards at work may include noisy machinery, moving forklifts, equipment, etc. People often mix hazards and risks as the same thing, but it’s different in health and safety. There are hazards everywhere, but their risk levels are different. The risk level tells us whether the hazard will cause harm when it happens and gives us an idea of the severity of the damage. 

few tips on conducting a tool box talk

few tips to keep in mind when conducting a toolbox talk

Toolbox talks are safety presentations done on-site before the start of any work in the morning or start of any work shift. It could be called a tailgate meeting or a safety brief.

Normally, the presentation should be less than 10 minutes.

The talk highlights the job to be done, the hazards associated with the job and the safety precautions to be followed to prevent harm and ensure that the workers work safely on the job.

work at height risk assessment photo

A step-by-step guide on how to write a work-at-height risk assessment 

Work-at-height risk assessment is a tool that helps to guide work-at-height activities. It is an integral part of the safety management system. The work at height risk assessment identifies the hazards, considers those that might be harmed, and shows adequate control measures

unsafe act unsafe condition toolbox talk

Toolbox talks on unsafe acts and unsafe condition

Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions in the workplace can lead to injuries and accidents. Over 70% of these are caused by human behavior, such as horseplay, poor hygiene, complacency, and use of damaged or inappropriate personal protective equipment. Unsafe conditions include unstable work areas, overloaded electrical sockets, poor sanitary conditions, and defective equipment. Ensuring safety involves supervision, correction of hazards, reporting unsafe practices, and educating workers about their impacts.

chain saw safety tool box talk

Toolbox talk on a chain saw safety

Chain saw safety is good to prevent incidents emanating from chain saw use. Well, a chain saw is a powerful piece of work equipment usually notorious for severe accidents that happen in the wood industry. That’s why it’s essential to protect the employee during usage. … Read More »Toolbox talk on a chain saw safety