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Three ways you can use social media as a tool to promote workplace safety.

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3 ways you can use social media as a tool to promote workplace safety.

Social media are much available today. Be it Facebook, WhatsApp, or LinkedIn. They have made a tremendous impact on the way we communicate and associate with people.

Individuals all around the world are increasingly becoming tech and internet savvy. They all have social media accounts of their own.

Even blogs are becoming well-known these days as more people open up their websites and promote one or more topics on their blog sites.

People are voraciously seeking information on the internet daily.

People use social media for some reasons which are to stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones. Finding other people who share the same hobbies or interests as themselves.Staying on top of the news, or events happening around the world.Finding potential suitors, dates and love partners,
Connecting with old schoolmates and coursemates, Making new friends and reading comments, reactions, and updates of people.

For these reasons above, Using social media to promote workplace safety will be a good deal. Most times, employees post comments or issues of life on social media and sharing about opinions on a day-to-day basis. And they cannot pass a single day without making use of social media.

Consequently, it makes a whole lot of sense to use social media to promote workplace safety and positive safety culture.
Some people can easily share their thoughts and opinions these days in cyberspace than in a physical meeting.

Though social media cannot replace other means of communication on-site, it should add to it. See the list of three ways you can use social media to promote safety in the workplace.

1. Create a Facebook group for your workplace members.

Here you have to create a closed Facebook group. While doing that, you use your workplace name or any name that will match the group’s interest-This will ensure it has a unique group name. The closed group will enable only current members to post and see what other members posts. The posts could be exclusively on health and safety. Other topics should not be allowed apart from health and safety.

2. Create a WhatsApp group for your workplace members.

Whatsapp group allows 256 members by default. You can create an additional room if the current one exceeds the default number. Encourage the members to post topics relating to health and safety. Regular updates on safety, inspection, hazards safety manuals, etc. can be posted on the group. You can assign administrators to it. They can quickly add people and coordinate discussions in the group.

3. Encourage group discussions and reactions through contests and thought-provoking questions.

Workers who are actual participants in the work know the hazards involved in the work. And the best way to promote safety is to receive suggestions from them through getting feedback, comments, and answers to questions being thrown at them. Therefore, once you have established your group on the internet, posting safety questions or issues will encourage workers to respond with suggestions or recommendations. You can bring motivation or incentivize the inputs and suggestions.


Social media can be a great tool for promoting safety among workers. Though it should not take the place of other safety communication tools such as safety meetings, training, etc. As a result, the rewards can be tremendous. But the goal is to create a safe worker and a safe working environment.

If you feel there are other ways people can use social media to promote workplace safety, why not leave your comment below?

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