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ppe use

How to encourage workers to use PPE at work

Four ways to encourage effective use of PPE Personal protective equipment at the work site  PPE use has to be championed by all and sundry in a work environment. The task should not be left solely in the hands of the management, even though the… Read More »How to encourage workers to use PPE at work

sainsbury's supermarket one million pound fine

Sainsbury’s supermarket has been fined 1million pounds.

Sainsbury’s, A supermarket giant has been fined  £1M on the 8th of April 2022 following a customer accident.  What leads to the Sainsbury’s supermarket’s one million pounds fine. According to IOSH Magazine, the West Berkshire council investigator, Abi Stinson narrated that the incident happened during the covid… Read More »Sainsbury’s supermarket has been fined 1million pounds.

Can a company be sued for employee safety negligence in the USA?

Employee safety is an integral part of any company’s responsibility. According to the Occupational safety and health Act (OSHA Act) of 1970, Every company has the responsibility to protect their employee against workplace hazards. Anyway, some companies are already doing well in this regard. In… Read More »Can a company be sued for employee safety negligence in the USA?

hammer safety toolbox tak

Toolbox talk on hammer safety

Hammer safety will protect the user from dangers associated with using the hammer. Hammers are the most used hand tools to drive nails, screws or other items into wood or concrete.  On construction sites, and in our various homes, Hammers are always available for work activities.… Read More »Toolbox talk on hammer safety

safety induction

How to conduct a safety induction

Safety induction is done for workers when they newly come to work in a workplace or a site.  It’s one of the management proactive tools to improve the safety management system of an organisation.   Induction introduces the culture of the organisation to the workers and equally… Read More »How to conduct a safety induction

unsafe act unsafe condition toolbox talk

Toolbox talks on unsafe acts and unsafe condition

Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions in the workplace can lead to injuries and accidents. Over 70% of these are caused by human behavior, such as horseplay, poor hygiene, complacency, and use of damaged or inappropriate personal protective equipment. Unsafe conditions include unstable work areas, overloaded electrical sockets, poor sanitary conditions, and defective equipment. Ensuring safety involves supervision, correction of hazards, reporting unsafe practices, and educating workers about their impacts.

conveyor system toolbox talk

Toolbox talk on the conveyor system

The conveyor system is used for transporting materials from one place to another, usually for bulky or heavy materials. More so, conveyors are mechanical handling equipment that is fast and efficient for the movement of materials.  We have many types of conveyor systems. They are  In… Read More »Toolbox talk on the conveyor system

chain saw safety tool box talk

Toolbox talk on a chain saw safety

Chain saw safety is good to prevent incidents emanating from chain saw use. Well, a chain saw is a powerful piece of work equipment usually notorious for severe accidents that happen in the wood industry. That’s why it’s essential to protect the employee during usage. … Read More »Toolbox talk on a chain saw safety