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Toolbox talk on the conveyor system

conveyor system toolbox talk

The conveyor system is used for transporting materials from one place to another, usually for bulky or heavy materials.

More so, conveyors are mechanical handling equipment that is fast and efficient for the movement of materials. 

We have many types of conveyor systems. They are 

  • Aero mechanical conveyor.
  • Belt Conveyor.
  • Drag conveyor.
  • Vacuum Conveyor.
  • Pneumatic Conveyor.
  • Vibrating Conveyor.
  • Spiral Conveyor.
  • Walking conveyor. etc

In addition, conveyor systems are found in many industries such as vehicle manufacturing plants. Beverage manufacturing plants. Newspaper print plants. Transport of cartons in apparel companies etc.

Hazards involved the use of a conveyor system. 

  • Struck by hazards.
  • Falling objects.
  • Pinch points.
  • Entanglement.
  • Electrical hazard.
  • Explosion hazards
  • Breaking of items from the conveyor.
  • Crush or shear hazards from areas having a fixed part and moving part.

Conveyor safety: what are you going to do to ensure safety today?

  • All guards must be in place and properly secured.
  • Avoid overloading the conveyor.
  • Always stay away from moving parts of the conveyor. 
  • Do not wear loose material when operating a conveyor. Or when around a conveyor.
  • Allow only trained mechanics to service, maintain and repair a conveyor.
  • Do not ride or step on a conveyor.
  • Have a system or log out/tag out during maintenance or service of the conveyor.
  • Ensure you receive proper training before working with a conveyor.
  • Report all defects immediately to your supervisor.
  • Ensure you choose the right equipment for the replacement of conveyor parts
  • Wear the necessary PPE before operating or near a conveyor 
  • Avoid wearing long hair when you’re close to any conveyor.
  • Put all necessary guardrails and adequate warning signs around the areas.
  • Do not try to remove any item from the conveyor only when it is off. 
  • Ensure there are adequate warning devices on the conveyor. 

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