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Toolbox talk on concrete masonry construction

concrete masonry construction safety

Concrete masonry construction requires that safety rules and procedures have to be in place.

And the rules will ensure that we have a safe worker, safe working environment and safe work procedure throughout the activity.  

However, here are the few safety rules to be followed when doing concrete masonry construction.

  • Provide limited access before the start of any masonry wall. It will limit the number of workers not assigned to the area from gaining access to that area. 
  • Workers are not allowed to ride on a concrete bucket.
  • Loading of a concrete structure has to be ascertained by a competent engineer.
  • Do not work under a concrete bucket during hoisting operations.
  • Do not swing concrete buckets over workers.
  • Wear protection when applying cement or doing concreting operations. 
  • Brace all masonry walls, especially those above 8 feet in height. Do not remove the bracing until the final removal of the permanent supporting elements of the structure.
  • Support all precast units to prevent collapse.
  • Do not allow any worker to stand under a precast unit during lifting to his position. 
  • All slab operations are to be handled by a registered professional engineer.
  • The Jack and lifting equipment for slab operations must be in good working order and have a safety factor of 2.5.
  • Only authorised persons are allowed during slab construction operations. 
  • Ensure that all formwork is capable of carrying the concrete during concreting. 
  • Provide adequate shoring for all formwork to prevent the collapse of the structure.
  • All shoring design is to be done by a professional engineer. 
  • A qualified engineer has to inspect the shoring to ensure its appropriateness. 
  • Remember to use safety signs and barriers in places where there is an observable risk of harm. To prevent unauthorized workers from gaining access to the area. 

For cast in place concrete.

  • Ensure timely inspection of shoring during the concreting episode, in other words, before, during and after concreting. 
  • Ensure that the concrete is strong enough and can support itself before the commencement of formwork removal. 
  • Properly secure all wall mats (reinforcement bar mat) with formwork to prevent collapse. 

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