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How to encourage workers to use PPE at work

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Four ways to encourage effective use of PPE Personal protective equipment at the work site 

PPE use has to be championed by all and sundry in a work environment. The task should not be left solely in the hands of the management, even though the law places lots of responsibility on the employer to provide personal protective equipment for all workers exposed to hazards as a result of the work. 

However, providing PPE is one thing, and using it effectively is another. 

During work, some workers do complain that personal protective equipment discomforts them. Some even avoid wearing them. But no amount of reason can justify not wearing personal protective equipment.

In this post, you’ll learn how to encourage PPE use among workers and other site users.

Four ways to ensure effective use of Personal protective equipment while working

#1.Constant Education on PPE usage. 

Make it a duty to educate the workers on the importance of personal protective equipment. Education on PPE will enable them to bear whatever discomfort that may emanate from the use of PPE. A worker knowing PPE’s importance will rely on that knowledge to do the right thing. While educating them, let them know that PPE is a statutory requirement on-site and that total PPE compliance is mandatory. 

#2.Give room for workers to make their choice.

There are different types of personal protective equipment. For example, there are different types of helmets. People may like to wear a particular type of helmet according to their choice. Most times, their preference appeals to them a lot. However, during procurement of the personal protective equipment, get different varieties for the workers so they can make a pick from them. It will be difficult to refuse to wear them since the workers chose them.

#3.Make it a condition on your employment offer.

When you’re engaging a worker or a contractor to work, Make PPE usage a mandatory requirement for them.  

Getting the acceptance offer for the employment or contract will mean personal protective equipment compliance throughout the job. 

#4.Free PPE-Personal protective equipment.

All personal protective equipment has to be free of charge for the workers. It has to be made available at no cost to them. According to the law, employers are to provide personal protective equipment at no cost to the worker. In some organisations, PPE such as safety boots are issued more than three times a year to the employees and can be re-issued when damaged.

Conclusion on how to ensure effective use of Personal Protective equipment on a work site

Even with the PPE provisions made by the management, workers may still complain of reasons for not using them. For some reasons, such as discomfort and wrong size. But then, not wearing PPE can never be justified at all. Getting the workers to wear the PPE through constant Education and offering different PPE choices can make a difference in the effective use of the personal protective equipment while they work. 


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