Scissors lift safety toolbox talk

Scissor lifts are mechanical platforms for workers to perform job tasks at elevated levels. Scissor lift safety prevents hazards and risks associated with the equipment from causing harm.

toolbox talk scissors lift safety

toolbox talk scissors lift safety

Scissor lift safety prevents various risks and hazards associated with using scissors lift during its operation. 

A Scissor lift is a mechanical working platform that allows workers to perform work at a height. You will see scissors lift in many industries like construction, factories, retail, manufacturing etc. The name originated from the “cross beams” called the scissors.

The working mechanism of the scissors lift moves the work platform vertically using the scissors. The Beam raises and lowers itself during operation. The scissors lift can extend to a height of 25-50 feet.

However, OSHA Standards mandate that employers comply with the following OSHA standards (29 CFR) to protect workers from hazards associated with scissor lifts.


Hazards associated with scissors lift.

  • Falls from the platform.
  • The collapse of the beams
  • Crushing 
  • Tip-overs

What can you do to promote scissors lift Safety today?

  • Allow competent operators to operate the scissors lift.
  • Check the specifications of the scissors lift before using it.
  • Ensure there is routine inspection and maintenance in place for the equipment.
  • Guard rails in the scissors lift have to be in good condition. If not, don’t use the scissors lift. The guardrails must have the top rail and mid-rail.
  • Use a body harness belt with a lanyard when standing on the equipment. And put anchor the lanyard at the guardrail properly to prevent fall of persons.
  • Do not stand on the guard rail of the scissors lift during its operation.
  • During the operation and the platform is extended. Do not manoeuvre the lift, as this may cause a fall of the equipment.
  • Consider the environment of your work. Keep the scissors lift on a firm surface or ground. This action will prevent the scissors lift from toppling, tipping or collapsing.
  • Do not operate the scissors lift near energised overhead power lines to prevent electrocution, arc flash and thermal burn.
  • Avoid using the scissors lift near obstacles such as a tree as an eventual hit will cause the scissors to lift to fall.
  • Be very careful when raising, lowering and manoeuvring the scissors lift to prevent a collapse of the scissors lift.


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