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Toolbox talk on leg safety

leg safety toolbox

Leg safety prevents injuries from happening to the leg. The worksite exposes our legs to different objects that can cause injuries. 

The leg is the lower limb that extends from the knee to the ankle. It has connective tissues of muscles and tendons attached to the bone structure that enables us to engage in locomotive activities such as dancing and climbing. 

How can an injury to the leg occur?.

  • When walking on slippery or wet surfaces can lead to falls. The fall can bring injury to the leg.
  • Bumping your feet on an object placed wrongly on the floor or access way.
  • Allowing sitting for a very longtime period while working at the office or home.
  • To climb a ladder without maintaining a three-point contact.
  • Jumping from a height indiscriminately when you should have used a ladder to climb down.
  • To run in an environment where there are so many littered hazards inappropriately.
  • When your leg is hit or crushed by equipment. 


Leg Safety: How do you ensure leg safety today?

  • Remember to warm up your muscle before and after every physical exercise or work.
  • If you are doing manual lifting, ensure you follow the correct lifting positioning so that you do not expose your leg to strain.
  • Ensure the equipment you are using is appropriate for you. Prevent using equipment that will expose you to harm. 
  • Avoid repeated movements while working. You can introduce job rotation or Job breaks between hours to prevent strain injury to your leg.
  • If the object you want to lift is too heavy, do not carry it. Ensure you stand on a stable object
  • The ladder you are using must be a safe ladder to prevent falls from height.
  • Ensure you wear the correct safety footwear while working.
  • Do not block the travel ways or obstruct the walkways.
  • Remember to assess an object when you want to carry it. 
  • Avoid carrying a load if it’s too heavy. Call for assistance or use a mechanical aid.
  • Do not carry an object while climbing up a ladder.

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