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Toolbox talk on eye protection

eye protection toolbox talk

The Eye is a vital organ of the body for vision. Eye protection offers defence against eye hazards during work activities. 

When an eye is not protected, eye injuries will occur. Some eye injuries are classified as minor or major injuries. 

But whichever one it is, eye injuries are never a good thing. Some eye injuries associated with work can have lifelong consequences. 

Hazards that can harm the eye include

  • Dust.
  • Chemicals.
  • Fires.
  • Welding fumes.
  • Flying particles.
  • Ultraviolet light.
  • Laser light.


Eye protection safety: What can you do to promote eye protection safety today?

  • Identify all hazards that can cause harm before you start work.
  • Use eye protection whenever you are doing work that exposes your eye to danger. 
  • Inspect your eye protection and replace the damaged ones.
  • Make sure you wear the right and good eye protection for your work. 
  • When working with cement dust, put on vented safety goggles.
  • When working with chemicals, put on non-vented safety goggles. 
  • Wear a face shield when using an angle grinder for work
  • Use a face shield when handling flying objects and chemical splashes.
  • While doing welding work, put on your welding goggle for the task. Please take note of the correct lens for the goggle below

For arc welding, use 10-14 shades. 

For gas welding, use 4- 8 shades. 

For Torch brazing, use 3-6 shades. 

  • Ensure that all persons involved in the welding activity are wearing UV protection. 
  • Handle all eye protection with care to prevent damage.
  • When injured in the eye, use the eyewash or water to rinse your eye immediately. Do not rub your Eye with your hands.
  • Seek immediate medical attention whenever you have a puncture or a cut in your Eye while working. 

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