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Toolbox talk on social media safety

social media safety toolbox talk

Social media safety.

Social media refers to having interactions online through online media and internet-based tools such as Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Twitter, Quora, blogs etc.

Before the advent of social media, people interact physically, but now it’s no more the same. 

Currently, there are many social media apps presently with more are evolving every day.


People use the internet and interact for so many reasons. For example, 

  • Connecting with loved ones and friends.
  • Applying for Jobs and contracts.
  • Getting the latest news and happenings in the community.

For most things, abuse is inevitable. The same tool for interaction has been abused by many people when they behave irresponsibly by avoiding social media ethics while at work. Abuse like this can undermine the corporate image of their organisation. 


Social Media Safety: How can we ensure social media safety today?

  • Engage in social media ethics- Social media ethics is for all to practice. People have to conduct themselves in a manner devoid of insults and abusive words as you would have done physically.
  • Avoid making misleading statements, arguments, or comments from your social media account profile.  
  • Know that not all news on social media is real. Some are fake news. Learn to sieve every piece of information and ask relevant questions to be clear on any news.
  • Avoid disclosing any private, confidential or privileged information on the internet.
  • Do not share too much personal information on social media.
  • Make sure you do not violate your company’s policy on social networking when there is one.
  • Do not disclose your phone number, home address, or credit card details to a stranger on social media.
  • Your social media account can affect your professional life. What you say may likely affect your work even when you have closed for the day. 

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