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Being observant at work toolbox talk

being observant at work

Being observant at all times is good not just on the site but at all places. If you check, there is so much noise and distraction around us.

Also, paying attention to every activity and work at the site is good. When we don’t pay attention, we will miss important details that would have enhanced our safety on the job.

Not being observant can cost a worker his life through an accident.

Sometimes, we can trip on some objects while walking because our attention was not really at its best during that time. It happens to some of us.

If a worker is less observant of a hazard while working, there is a higher chance that the worker can have an injury as a result of being distracted.

What can you do to improve being observant at work?

  • Avoid all distractions while at work. 

Distractions will impair your ability to be observant while you’re working. Ensure that you remove any form of distraction from your mind. 

Good housekeeping will ensure that every item or object is in its rightful position. Good housekeeping is a place for everything and everything in its proper place.

  • Always inspect your workplaces before the start of any work shift. 

If there are hazards available that you have not controlled, immediately put a control on them.

  • Always ensure you’re in the right frame of mind before you start any job. 

Don’t have many thoughts in your mind which may make you not be observant. 

  • Make sure that all walkways are free of obstructions.

While walking, ensure that all walkways or paths on site are free of obstructions. And also encourage all workers not to block any walkway on site. 

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