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HSE Blog topics on health and safety, Occupational health and safety, quality, security and the environment. The blogs are mainly on what is in the workplace and off-the-job safety topics. This HSE blog is a compendium of knowledge that will position professionals in the workplace who expose themselves to one form of hazard or the other. 

Hazards are mainly the things, object, arrangement, conversation, or situation that has the potential to cause harm to people and give rise to damage to assets and the reputation of the company.

Anyone can also read the topics and equip themselves with timely information for safeguarding their life and properties.

The information in this section will equip the reader positively in the manner below.

  • The reader will gain information on how to reduce workplace accidents.
  • Improve the worker morale at work. 
  • There will be an improvement in the company’s reputation because of the knowledge gained from reading this book.
  • The emergency response procedure will improve since the reader will gain more than enough from this section to build a formidable emergency team.
  • There will be an improvement of the individual productivity and that of the company through the knowledge and information from this section.
  • There are some topics on legal requirements for every company to meet up with and the minimum requirements for them.
  • The knowledge from here will better position someone to manage risks and hazards around them. 

Take your time and browse any of the HSE blogs of your choice and enjoy yourself while reading them. 

stress management

Stress is not right for you

A stressed person is more prone to insomnia, hypertension, and depression than a non-stressed person.
Stress causes are demands at work, loss of a beloved, financial pressure, family and children, termination of appointment. Certain life events that put high demands on someone such as marriage, buying a house and convocation.

working at height image

Simple Tips on Working at Height.

SIMPLE TIPS ON WORKING AT HEIGHT. Working at height is one of the activities you cannot do without in the workplace. There will always need to do a job above the ground level. The biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries in the workplace are… Read More »Simple Tips on Working at Height.

environmental incident toolbox talk photo

Environmental incident toolbox talk

An environmental incident is an event that is a departure from the standard operating conditions in an environment. Such an incident can impact human health and the environment. It can be a minor or major incident due to the outcome and its impact on the surroundings. An environmental incident can happen without announcing itself on a construction project.