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Important road safety tips during driving, walking or crossing on the road

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Tips to keep road safety

1. Tips to keep traffic safe when walking.

When you have to keep safety on the road is mostly when you want to commute. During those times, you need to pay more attention to heavy flows and traffic. The right tips for you to keep safe while walking is below.

  • Walk on the road, walk on the sidewalk, if there is no sidewalk, then walk aside.
  • When going out in groups, it’s best to walk in an organized and orderly line. Don’t chase, look around, and see mobile phones or other things while walking. You have to avoid distractions.
  • Don’t compete with motor vehicles, avoid them, even when there is no traffic police around to control traffic.
  • In fog, rain and snow, it is best to wear brightly coloured clothes, so that the drivers can find you out as soon as possible and take safety measures in advance.
  • You also can wear other reflective clothing or retro-reflective material products to enhance your visibility to avoid traffic accidents. For more details, please turn to the blog: How to keep road safety by reflective wearing.

2. Tips to keep road safety when crossing the road.

When crossing the road, the risk factors that may be encountered will greatly increase, and special attention should be paid to safety. Check out the list of things you need to do.

  • Obey the instruction of the traffic police, and follow the rules.
  • Ensure you observe the “go on the green and stop at the red light” when crossing the road.
  • To cross the road, ensure you walk on the pedestrian crossing.
  • If there is no pedestrian crossing, Carefully Look around to ensure no moving motor vehicles are close before you cross the road.
  • Prioritize to go across roads by overpasses and underpasses, it could be safer for you when there is no pedestrian crossing.
  • When walking straight to cross the road, ensure you don’t stay too much time.
  • Don’t climb over the safety barriers when trying to meet your friends on the other side of the road, this will prevent your legs from hitting the barriers.

3. Tips to keep road safety when riding a bicycle

  • There are more unsafe factors when going out by bicycle, though not like when you’re walking on the road. The list below shows what you need to do to keep safe while riding a bicycle.
  • Check and repair the bicycle frequently to keep it in good condition, especially for brakes and bells.
  • Don’t learn to ride on a heavy traffic road.
  • Ride at the roadside, and lower the speed when you’re to make a turn.
  • Don’t throw the handles with your hands.
  • Keep the traffic rule, “Go on the green, stop at the red light”.
  • Don’t chase or fight with each other.
  • If it rains, don’t ignore the traffic situations, always lower your speed than before.

4. Tips to keep road safety as a passenger.

Private cars and buses are common transportation tools when we are going out. The following points should be paid attention to ensure the safety of passengers.

  • Get on the bus in order, don’t be crowded.
  • When getting on and off the car, you should wait for the car to stop, don’t fight during that period.
  • Don’t bring flammable and explosive hazardous materials such as gasoline and firecrackers into the car.
  • Don’t stretch your head, hands or arms out of the window when riding in a car.
  • Don’t throw the debris out of the car window to avoid hurting others.
  • When riding in the car, sit firmly and hold it well. When there is no seat, keep your feet apart naturally, stand sideways, and hold the armrests firmly to prevent the car from falling and being injured when the car brakes suddenly.
  • Wear a seat belt when riding a car, especially riding in the front row.
  • Don’t greet taxis on the motorway.
  • Don’t go riding on trucks and tractors.

5. Tips to keep road safety when driving a vehicle.

  • Earnestly comply with the relevant provisions and legal driving codes.
  • Don’t drive the car with your own passions, being safety conscious is the best.
  • Don’t over speed.
  • Don’t do fatigued driving.
  • Don’t do drunk driving, alcohol can numb your nerves and affect your judgement.
  • Don’t smoke when driving. Smoke irritates the eyes and respiratory tract, and can easily cause blurred vision and coughing.
  • When driving on village roads, pay attention to avoid pedestrians, animals, etc., and drive at a low speed.
  • Keep regular maintenance on your vehicle.

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