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Facts about Irregular Periods Every Woman must Know

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The Period is specific to women and is part of the menstrual cycle. It is also known as menstruation. This is the situation in which the endometrium is shed. This is the lining of the uterus. This appears as bleeding from the womb. Once this happens, the blood is then released through the vagina.

Periods start during puberty. In most cases, periods begin between the ages of 10 and 16 years. They last until menopause when a woman is 45-55years old.

Today we are talking about Irregular periods. A hormone imbalance, hormonal changes around menopause, and endurance exercises. This condition is also known as oligomenorrhea. It can occur if there is a contraception method.

Treatment for irregular periods during puberty and menopause is not usually necessary, but medical advice may be required if irregular periods occur during the reproductive years.

Oligomenorrhea or irregular periods:

The periods of a woman or a girl usually last between the duration of four to seven days. Throughout this duration, the period of blood flow does not remain constant, but one may notice that it follows the same routine every month. It also includes the condition in which the period duration is more frequent, such as the more 35 days or, in some cases, even more than these days. The irregular period is when the women have the more frequent period, such as less than 21 days.

Symptoms of irregular periods:

Some of the symptoms of irregular periods may include the following:

Heavy bleeding:

 Heavy bleeding is the symptom of irregular periods because, at every cycle, a specific quantity of blood is fixed for the periods by nature. Our body can not afford the irregularity in this amount. If blood is released more than this amount, it is a symptom of irregular periods. 

Light bleeding:

 Same in the case of heavy bleeding; light bleeding is also a problem. Our body purifies the blood in many ways, and periods are one of them. So it is essential that at the end of every cycle, your body has to release the required amount of blood and other discharges. 

Intense pain or cramping:

 Every woman feels the period cramping at every cycle, but it is so brutal that it is unbearable for some women. One may not ignore this because it is one of the symptoms of irregular periods.

Nausea or vomiting: 

This is also a usual side effect of periods. Yet, there is a specific duration or the intensity of Vomiting feelings and nausea. If this situation lasts for more than the expected time, there may be an irregularity in the period cycle.

Bleeding or spotting after sex:

 After sex, if someone has to bleed, it is an irregularity because it directly relates to the vagina.

If someone faces one or more symptoms, she must meet the gynaecologist because any irregularity in the periods can cause chronic situations.

Causes of the Irregular Periods:

Changes in the life cycle influence the body’s hormonal balance, including puberty, menopause, fertility and childbirth, and breastfeeding.

During puberty, the body experiences significant changes. It can take many years for the estrogen and progesterone to reach a balance, and irregular periods are expected at this time.

Prior to menopause, women often have unusual periods, and the amount of bloodshed may vary. Menopause occurs when 12 months have lingered since the woman’s last menstrual period. After menopause, a woman will no longer have periods.

Throughout pregnancy, menstruation stops, and many women do not have periods while they are breastfeeding.

Contraceptives can cause irregular bleeding. An intrauterine device (IUD) may cause massive bleeding, while the contraceptive pill can cause spotting between periods.

Extreme Weight Loss:

 Weight loss is the prominent cause of the irregular period. It does causes not only other health issues but also affects the period cycle. In many cases, when the women follow some diet or weight loss plans, the irregularity in the period is caused.

Extreme Weight Gain: 

Weight gain, on the other hand, is also dangerous. The accumulation of fats in the body other than the required amount may be a problem for women because it can affect the different components of blood.

Emotional and mental Stress

Many of us do not know that having stress does not affect our mental health. Still, it also has drastic effects on our physical health, such as irregularity in periods.

Treatment of the irregular periods:

The treatment of such sensitive issues must be done as soon as possible, but you have to take care of the doctor’s experience. At, we have the best team of gynaecologists from Pakistan, and you must have the consultation before going to any of the treatments of irregular periods. If you have irregular periods, you must go for the treatment of the following disease, if you have, so that your physical health will be better than your physical

  • Puberty and menopause
  • Birth control
  • PCOS and obesity
  • Problems in Thyroid problems
  • Stress and irregularity in eating


The irregularity in the period is not regular. One must have an eye on the dates of the periods because it may signify any other unwanted situation. For this, if you feel any of the irregularities that we have mentioned, you must go for the Best gynaecologist of Karachi that is considered best for treating irregular periods at Marham. pk.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1-What is the situation that indicates that I have irregular periods?

Having periods of more than 35 days or less than 21 days is the most significant symbol of an irregular period.

2-Can I use home remedies for irregular periods?

Some steps can be taken to avoid or deal with the irregular period, including healthy food style and regular exercise.

3-Is childbirth or related cycles cause irregularity in the periods?

These are the prominent reasons for irregular periods, and one must know the connection between periods and these cycles.

4-Is it safe to have the medication for irregular periods?

Yes, you must see a doctor that will treat the irregularity in periods by the different techniques and give you the mediation to relieve the pain and treat the deficiency of blood.

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