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Child’s safety: How to protect your kids with 9 basic bedroom safety tips.

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Kids are part of every parent’s life. They’re precious, important and needs to be protected until they become an adult. However, all parents have to prioritize their child’s bedroom safety at all times. Parents have to know that their kids should be in an environment where there is minimal or no danger to them, and such places should be free of things that can cause accidents. Kids bedroom arrangements should be of utmost importance to parents as kids spend more time in their rooms. Any unsafe bedroom condition will give rise to an accident for kids. As parents, you don’t need a gorgeous kid’s bedroom. What you need is a comfortable and safe bedroom for your kids. If the bedroom is unsafe, it can endanger the life of the kids.

Here are 9 kids’ bedroom safety tips every parent should consider seriously to prevent their kids from bedroom accidents.

1. Get the right bed type for your kid’s.

You have to consider your child’s age when choosing a bed for them. Infant beds are those that prevent them from falling off the bed. For toddlers, what they need can be an adjustable or convertible bed. Some kids can sleep comfortably with a regular bed, but if a child moves while sleeping on a bed, and frequently, the parent can consider placing a rail to prevent a fall. As the kids get older, the rails can be removed and made a regular bed. The parent can also consider getting a bunk bed for the kids to cater for all their kids if their homes do not have enough rooms and space.

2. Beware of toxic wall paints.

While painting the kid’s bedroom, the parents should consider using non-toxic paints. Some paints can be very toxic when inhaled and can create dangerous outcomes such as fatality for the kids. Parents should ask for good wall paints to use from their supplier or the market for a sound judgement.

3. Avoid furniture with sharp edges.

Some furniture has sharp edges. They will expose the kids to bodily injuries. As a parent, always avoid metal furniture’s if you can. Cabinets and drawers are good to have in the children bedroom if you can go for wooden or plastic cabinets with good design and arrangement. They are not very hard like metal cabinets. Even when there is a collision with the kids, the impact will not be high. Watch out for some plastic furniture as it can be from potentially dangerous materials.

4. Are the kid’s bedroom electrical appliances in good condition?

Always check out the electrical appliances in your kid’s bedroom. Bedrooms are places where there is a likelihood for emergency fires than any other room in the house. If there are heaters in use in the kid’s bedroom, always ensure the cables are in good condition at all times. Electrical fires are most common where electrical appliances are in use.

5. Is the bedroom flooring free of obstacles?

Some floors can be very unsafe for kids to use. Such floors like slippery floors, objects such as toys on the floor that the kids can bump their legs and fall. Ensure you remove those items on the floor at all. The bedroom floors should be free of obstruction at all times to encourage the free movement of the kids in their bedrooms.

6. Consider the window arrangement.

Is the window arrangement very close to the reach of the kids that they can easily open it? If the window is within their reach, it will endanger the kid’s life to fall from the window. And will be very disastrous when it happens. Parents have to teach window safety to older kids to checkmate their siblings in the same room. When implemented, This would be very beneficial. Ensure you balance the kid’s window safety and the means of escape for them so that you don’t go and barrier the window with a key that will make it very difficult to find during an emergency. Always ensure the window keys are accessible during emergencies.

7. Are there computers in the kid’s room?

Kids are sometimes exposed to dangerous materials online when they surf the internet. Careful monitoring of the internet or outright blocking off some offensive websites will help to curtail such materials. Parent’s must take this issue important as kids can be lured through the internet for abuse and other social vices.

8. Do you use open flames in the house?

Kids are likely to practice what they see their parents do. And as curious as they can be, they sometimes want to experiment with fire. Always put out items that can easily catch fire away from the kid’s bedroom. Matches, lighters and candles are likely to start fires. So keep them away from the reach of the kids. Keep sources of fuel away from kids, for example, Insecticide and Deodorants.  

9. Consider other objects that can be dangerous in the bedroom.

There are a lot of everyday items that can be dangerous to kids, for example, polythenes, and curtains. These items can cause strangulation when used by the kid. Ensure that the bookshelves are anchored to the wall to avoid being pulled over or toppled when touched.

Final Thoughts on bedroom safety tips for kids.

The list of kids’ bedroom safety tips is endless. It can’t be exhausted in this single article. Parent’s have to be on alert at all times to conduct and examine their kid’s bedroom and ready to correct anything that is not in order with the safety tips. Equally, the parents have to encourage a daily routine for their kid’s bedroom inspection at all times. It will help to prevent a kid from being a casualty in their parent’s home.

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