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Must do things you need to know before you enrol for ISO 45001:2018 STANDARD lead auditor course.

You can’t just wake up and register for ISO 45001:2018 LEAD AUDITOR COURSE, You’ve to make your decisions by reading about the course tips and follow the right decisions. This particular article will help you to position your feet firmly on the ground.

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Brief explanations on the three ISO management system standards every health and safety professional needs to know

ISO management system standards are very important. However, it comes with multiple benefits to the organizations that subscribe to it. For any occupational health and safety practitioner to stand out in this profession, knowledge of these three key standards is needed and they are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2015.

Nebosh IGC Exam

How To Pass Your Nebosh IGC Exam : 5 Top Tips To Consider

To pass a Nebosh IGC exam is very simple. It is achievable and not unusual as most people think. Many candidates who have written the exam passed it successfully. For you to be successful in the exam, it requires some passing tips to achieve the feat. The tips when followed passionately will make a candidate to pass the IGC Nebosh Exam at one sitting.

health and safety

Follow these steps now-If you want to get a job in health and safety profession.

Follow these steps now-If you want to get a job in the health and safety profession. Health and safety officer is a profession anyone will like to join when given the necessary information that will facilitate the employment of the job. Every work in a… Read More »Follow these steps now-If you want to get a job in health and safety profession.

bcsp certification

7 steps to get a bcsp certification even when you’re not living in the USA

The BCSP (Board of Certified Safety Professionals) offers various certifications beneficial for professionals in health and safety. To earn a BCSP certification, an individual must choose a certification that aligns with their work experience and education, create an account profile, pay for and sit an exam, and then maintain their certification annually. Acquiring a BCSP certification can increase employability, influence, and respect within the industry.

crsp certification canadian registered safety professional exam

Crsp certification: How to become a Canadian registered safety professional

Becoming a Canadian registered safety professional will expose you to know safety information to manage hazards and control hazardous exposures to individuals, equipment and the environment. With your Crsp membership, getting a safety job in Canada will be easy for you as most employers are keen on it as a requirement for getting you employed.