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How to inspect fire doors

inscription fire exit on door

Fire doors are designed to protect against smoke and flames during a fire emergency. They are the first line of Defense when a fire breaks out in a building. Fire doors are also a legal requirement in most buildings, such as commercial, public, and multiple-occupancy buildings. It is equally vital that fire doors are maintained in good condition to serve their purpose effectively in a fire emergency.

You need to check certain things in a fire door to ensure that it is in Good condition and complies with the fire regulations. 

4 things to check in fire doors to ensure its effectiveness. 

1. Certification 

All fire doors should have a certification label or plug. The label or plug can be seen on the top or side of the door. It has the rating mark on it. If there is no certification label or plug, it may mean that the door is not a fire door. 

2. Signage


All fire doors should have correct body signage to convey a specific message to the people. Some of the messages that may be on them are ” keep shut” and “keep locked,” and some of the automatic fire doors may bear “Keep Clear.”

3. Closure 

Fire doors must be closed to offer protection against flames and smoke. Check if the fire door closes firmly onto the latch. Check the seal to make sure it is intact and free of damage.


All fire doors are meant to be in good condition to serve their purpose. When this is not achieved, fires and flames in a fire emergency can cause more damage to the facility’s building. So, it’s important to always check for certification labels and adequate signage and ensure the door is permanently closing.

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