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Crsp certification: How to become a Canadian registered safety professional

crsp certification canadian registered safety professional exam

What is a Canadian registered safety professional? 

Canadian registered safety professional is a certification offered by the board of Canadian registered safety professionals (BCRSP). 

Becoming a Canadian registered safety professional will expose you to know safety information to manage hazards and control hazardous exposures to individuals, equipment and the environment. 

With your Crsp membership, getting a safety job in Canada will be easy for you as most employers are keen on it as a requirement for getting you employed. 

Requirements for becoming a Canadian registered safety professional

An individual applying for CRSP certification must have a combination of education, professional development and experience. 

Though, professional development may be waived for you depending on the type of education you have obtained. 

If you are to apply for a Canadian registered safety professional certification, you will have the following listed below. 

  • A minimum bachelor’s degree in any field of study or a 2-year diploma certificate. Or a minimum of 900 hours or 60 credits in occupational health and safety from a recognised academic institution. You must demonstrate sufficient professional development in OHS when applying with only a bachelor’s degree. The original transcript can be sent directly to BCRSP through this address-


ATTN: Applications

6700 Century Ave Suite 100

Mississauga, ON L5N 6A4

  • You will also have 48 months of professional-level OHS experience obtained within the last 72 months ( minimum of 900 hours/calendar year of practice in 0HS).

When applying as an international applicant, provide the additional documents below. 

After making your application to BCRSP, the BCRSP does the review for eligibility, and if successful, you will have to write a mandatory certification exam to become a CRSP. 

The application fee is always non-refundable. So make sure that you have the requirements before sending in your application. 

Contents of the application form. 

The application form requires details on your formal education, professional development and related experiences. And a reference and practice questionnaire from an individual who has a sound knowledge of the applicant’s work performance. 

A CRSP or its equivalent ( CSP, CMIOSH, CIH, ROH, PENG, CHRP, CHRL) must complete the questionnaire reference or practice.

Follow this link to create a profile on the bcrsp website.

You can check the following Guardians document and these documents before applying for the crsp certification.

In a nutshell,

When applying to become a CRSP, you have to do the following 

  • Create an account profile with the BCRSP website. 
  • Fill in your application form. 
  • Attach the supporting documents. 
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee.
  • Then submit it to the bcrsp for processing. 
  • Then wait for the review. When successful, you will now sit for the CRSP certification exam. 

How is the crsp certification examination conducted?

There is an examination blueprint for those seeking to write the crsp exam. The examination is written via Computer Based Testing at an Authorized Pearson VUE host test centre in multiple choice questions of 190 to 210. All candidates have one year to write the examination. The pass mark is set at a level that represents the performance expected of a competent safety professional

Candidates who fail the first writing of the examination can write up to two supplementary over the next year. And when rewriting, you have the same 3 1/2 hours to complete the exam. Candidates failing all three (3) writings will have their files closed and must wait a minimum of twelve months before resubmitting a new application.

Does BCRSP offer Examination Preparatory Courses?

BCRSP does not offer examination preparatory classes. However, course providers can assist an individual during preparation for the exam. They offer courses that can help you pass the exam. Go to youtube and check out CRSP exam preparatory videos online. 

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