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Follow these steps now-If you want to get a job in health and safety profession.

health and safety

Follow these steps now-If you want to get a job in the health and safety profession.

Health and safety officer is a profession anyone will like to join when given the necessary information that will facilitate the employment of the job.

Every work in a workplace is tied to safety. Your knowledge of the job will go a long way to determine how safe you are to do the job.

However, a health and safety officer is someone who knows how safely a work should be performed.
This knowledge he shares with the workers and everyone around to ensure there is no injury while working. Sometimes they put themselves in a dangerous situation.

It is becoming very hard for people to get employment and talk more about getting into the health and safety line. If you truly have Interested in getting a safety job this year 2018. Follow the steps below.

1. Get a bachelor’s degree.

Individuals that have a bachelor’s degree in safety, health, engineering or any of the sciences like biology, chemistry, or biochemistry stand a good chance for employment. Most of the job requirements will include that. Though, it must not necessarily be in the sciences. People in other disciplines can venture into health and safety. You may end up doing far better than those in the sciences.

2. Develop strong communication skills.

Safety officers are communicators. The job exposes you to communicate with managers and employees on a day-to-day basis in the workplace. You must sharpen your interpersonal communications skills. You may read books on how to communicate effectively. Intense practice over time will help you. Job interviewers will scale you on how best you communicate with them in the interview process.

3. Get a certification.

Basic certification like HSE Level 1,2,3 or Ghse – General, health, and safety environment ) courses is what you need if you don’t have it yet. We have so many organizations in Nigeria offering such training as ISPON –Institute of safety professionals of Nigeria, Osh Academy Authorized training providers, etc. Or Send an Email to info@ if you need more guidelines on how to go about it.

4. Volunteer to work for free.

Most people I have seen will instead not work than work for free. However, at all times working for free in any industry, you will like to get employment increases your chance of getting a job in that industry. Take a Look around you, or search on the internet. Get the list of the HSE training and consultancy firm. Those close to your area will be better. Bombard them with regular visits until they are willing to engage you in working for them for free. Do the same with other non-HSE training, and consultancy companies. Tell them that you can assist in their HSE departments. Don’t take no for an answer. Most companies do hire people who have 2 to 3 years of job experience. Volunteering to work for free will help you to gain more experience and prepare you for any Job vacancy available.

In conclusion,

It is all up to you to take action. A very definite one from now. Your dedication and commitment towards this will guarantee you that Job in health and safety before the end of this year.

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