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How To Pass Your Nebosh IGC Exam : 5 Top Tips To Consider

Nebosh IGC Exam

To pass a Nebosh IGC exam is very simple. It is achievable and not unusual as most people think. Many candidates who have written the exam passed it successfully. For you to be successful in the exam, it requires some passing tips to achieve the feat. The tips when followed passionately will make a candidate to pass the IGC Nebosh Exam at one sitting.

However, Nebosh IGC is Nebosh international general certificate. It’s the popular and widely recognized Nebosh qualifications. Mainly recommended for supervisors, foremen, health and safety officers, and for those who have safety roles and responsibilities in the workplace.

In this article, I will give you the top 5 tips you’ll need to pass your IGC Nebosh exam. And if you’re doing a retake of any of the units, it’ll be of immense help to you.

Moreover, If you’re new in knowing about the exam, I’ll recommend that you read this article on what Nebosh is all about so as to guide you efficiently.

Nebosh qualification has so many benefits, and you have to know the benefits. This will help to put you in focus while doing your preparations.

Now, that you’ve known what Nebosh is all about, you can follow these tips below to seal your success in the exam.

1. Register with a good course provider.

Nebosh has course providers that are licensed to conduct training and register candidates for their examinations. They are called Nebosh accredited course providers. Some course providers are wonderful. Getting a good course provider will be a great boost for you. Some recommended ones are Wise global training, Safeguard resources etc.

2. Create a reading plan for yourself.

Passing a Nebosh IGC is very easy but you’ve to create a plan for how to read the voluminous course materials. Having a good reading plan will encourage you to be serious about it.

3. Start early to read the Nebosh IGC exam course materials.

It is good that you start early to read the course materials. When you register early, your course provider will hand you over your course materials on time. This will give you a lot of time for your study before the examination day. You can also buy the course materials for your personal study and you can decide to register when you feel you are ready to do so.

4. Familiarize yourself with the question keywords.

When you start reading the course materials, you ‘ll come across some keywords or action verbs used in Nebosh questions. Nebosh uses those keywords to assess your level of understanding while answering the questions. These keywords will have to guide you on how to answer the questions for you to gain your full marks. And make sure you familiarize yourself with the keywords. let’s take a look at each of them.

Define – Provide a generally recognized or accepted definition.

Describe – Give a word picture.

Explain – Give a clear account of or reasons for.

Give – Provide without explanation (used normally with the instruction to “give an example (or examples) of…”).

Identify – Select & name.

List – Provide a list without an explanation.

Outline-Give the most important features of (less depth than either “explain” or “describe”, but more depth


Sketch – Provide a simple line drawing using labels to identify specific features.

State – A less demanding form of “define” or, where there is no generally recognized definition.

5. Practice with Revision questions.

Nebosh IGC Past questions will offer you a clue on the nature of Nebosh IGC questions. When you do revision with it, it will help you to get familiar with the likely questions that may come out in the examination. Sometimes, Nebosh does repeat their questions. Make sure you practice with as many questions as possible.


There are many more tips on how to pass Nebosh IGC exam. However, if you ‘ll work with the above tips properly, you’ll definitely find it easy on passing the exam. Always know that only you can help yourself to prepare adequately for the exam. It is your duty to read and to pass the Nebosh IGC exam.

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