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few tips on conducting a tool box talk

few tips to keep in mind when conducting a toolbox talk

Toolbox talks are safety presentations done on-site before the start of any work in the morning or start of any work shift. It could be called a tailgate meeting or a safety brief.

Normally, the presentation should be less than 10 minutes.

The talk highlights the job to be done, the hazards associated with the job and the safety precautions to be followed to prevent harm and ensure that the workers work safely on the job.

Valentine safety

Valentine day safety

The origin of Valentine is a bit muddled, dark and bloody.The Catholic church celebrates the day in honor of two men named Valentine were executed by emperor Claudius II on February 14 at different years in the third century. Later, Catholic Pope, Pope Gelasius I in the 5th century muddled the Valentine day with Lupercalia, a pagan festival, to expel the festival from going on that day.

horseplay at work toolbox talk

Toolbox talk on horseplay at work

Horseplay at work — engaging in rough, playful behavior — can result in serious consequences, from distractions and loss of concentration to physical injuries, damage to company property, and even fatal accidents. It’s particularly prevalent in industries like construction. Both employers and employees have a responsibility to prevent horseplay, with measures including clear policies, safety rules, and training to foster a safer, horseplay-free workplace.

hand amputated playford packaging photo

£115000 fine after hand amputated by a machine 

Mr Christopher Wright, a 59-year-old engineer, worked under Playford packaging at their factory on 10 February 2021. The factory location is at Wrexham Industrial Estate in Wrexham.  How did the hand amputation accident happen?  The operator of a Large case-making machine had previously noticed that… Read More »£115000 fine after hand amputated by a machine 

sainsbury's supermarket one million pound fine

Sainsbury’s supermarket has been fined 1million pounds.

Sainsbury’s, A supermarket giant has been fined  £1M on the 8th of April 2022 following a customer accident.  What leads to the Sainsbury’s supermarket’s one million pounds fine. According to IOSH Magazine, the West Berkshire council investigator, Abi Stinson narrated that the incident happened during the covid… Read More »Sainsbury’s supermarket has been fined 1million pounds.

Drowsy driving prevention

How to prevent drowsy driving

How to prevent drowsy driving Drowsy driving comes from being tired and feeling sleepy while on the wheel. Meanwhile, drowsy driving is similar to driving drunk where a driver is driving under the alcohol influence.  Sleepiness like alcohol decreases your awareness and slows your reaction time. In… Read More »How to prevent drowsy driving