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Valentine day safety

Valentine safety


Valentine safety.

Valentine celebration just like any other celebration is a day of fun and romance. The day involves a lot of engagements from home to a movie, to restaurants, to shopping, to games, to clubs, and so on.

However, the origin of Valentine is a bit muddled, dark and bloody.The Catholic church celebrates the day in honor of two men named Valentine who were executed by emperor Claudius II on February 14 at different years in the third century. Later, Catholic Pope, Pope Gelasius I in the 5th century muddled the Valentine day with Lupercalia, a pagan festival, to expel the festival from going on that day.

No matter your intents on the valentine, one thing is sure, it is a day to celebrate love and romance.
It is also a day where a lot of people mostly lovers engage in risky and dangerous behaviors that can endanger their lives.And these can lead to accidents, incidents, and happenings that can spoil the celebration mode. In all the fun, Please Don’t get involved in these risky behaviors below.

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1. Avoid overspeeding while driving.

Most people will be running very fast on steering to meet up with a date. Those that are not driving will tell the driver to run fast.No matter which side you are, don’t over speed and don’t allow others to engage on overspeeding for your sake. Overspeeding can cause you a lot. It can land you in jail or accidents.

2. Avoid driving under alcohol influence.

People drink a lot most especially on days like the valentine. But there is no justification to drink and drive.Driving under alcohol influence has lots of consequences. Most of these effects are bad.It could result to harm, accident, legal fines, ban from driving, and so on. If you must drink, drink in moderation and don’t be on a vehicle steering. Or rather have a taxi man to take you around wherever you want to go.

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3. Say no to distracted driving.

Lovers do engage in kissing while driving. It has become a serious problem not just on valentine day alone.Most people have died as a result of distracted drivers. Things, like answering a mobile phone, or tuning in a car stereo, can distract the attention of a driver.In order not to get distracted; your partner can help you to handle your phone, car stereo, and avoid any sexual appeals while driving.

4. Avoid drug abuse.

Drug abuse can lead to many negative effects. It hurts the brain and the body. When people are high on drugs, their thinking is impaired. It can even make someone to take a risky behavior on such a valentine day. Like engaging in unsafe sex which can lead to sexually transmitted infections.It can lead to driving crashes.It can lead to arrests. Drug abuse is illegal. It can land someone in jail.There is always a link between drug abuse and HIV/Aids. Not engaging in drug abuse will save you a lot of headaches.

5. Limit the amount of cash on you.

Valentine day is a very chaotic day. It is advisable not to go out with a lot of money but rather go out with your cash cards. Limit the amount of cash on you if you must go out with bags or wallets. Limiting the amount of cash on you Will protect you not to be a victim of pickpockets. Always keep your bag in the front of you at all times so that it can’t be easy for someone to grab it without you not noticing it.

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Valentine day is a day of fun, but you have to live to spend the next valentines day. Safety is very paramount in all our endeaviours. No one prepares to have fun or to go on a date with an intention to kill himself or get arrested. But our risky behaviours can put us in such a net. We need to spend the day being healthy and safe.
Happy valentine’s day.

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