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5 Main causes of truck accidents on the road

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5 Main causes of truck accidents on the road

Truck accidents occur mainly when the truck is commuting from one location to another. Losses and damages happen whenever an accident happens. Truck accidents are among the most fatal accidents on the highways. 

The federal motor carrier safety administration USA reported 415,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks in 2020, with 4,444 (1 percent) fatal crashes and 101,000 (24 per cent) injury crashes.

So truck accident is something of a concern to all. Most economies rely heavily on commercial trucks to transport goods from one location to another. And whenever there is an accident, road users are often at risk. This post will tell us what we need to know about the causes of truck accidents and how we can prevent them from happening. 

5 Main causes of truck accidents on the road

1. Exhaustion.

Truck drivers drive long hours, more than 70 hours every week. Prolonged hours of driving can lead to stress, tiredness and exhaustion. Exhaustion can lead to an accident. A driver will lose attention, exhibit carelessness and loss control of the steering leading to an accident. 

2. Lack of maintenance 

Trucks cover thousands of kilometres to meet up with deadlines. Because of this, they need regular care and maintenance to prevent the breakdown. A Truck can malfunction or break down because of no regular checks and maintenance. When there is a sudden breakdown, it can lead to a truck accident. 

3. Overspeeding 

Overspeeding can cause a truck accident. There is an allowable speed for all trucks at any time on the road. But because of some deadlines, truck drivers try to engage in overspeeding to the detriment of their safety. These overspeeding may even be made worse by the weather condition at that time. High speed during bad weather can result in an accident. Accident from vehicle overspeeding is always fatal and disastrous. 

4. Driving under the influence of an alcohol

A driver under the influence of alcohol can cause an accident with the truck. It’s pertinent that no truck driver should drive under the influence of alcohol because it is a serious driving offence in most countries. In the USA, the state can charge a driver with driving under the influence ( DUI )law with harsh penalties in some cases. Check the driving history of every driver and make your decision so that you don’t end up engaging a truck driver that drives under the influence. 

5. Unbalanced loads

Correct loading of a truck is essential to secure the load firmly. An improperly loaded truck can fall off and cause an accident on the road. Improperly loading a Truck can be an offence in some countries, so goods should be arranged and secured unto the trucks before transportation. 

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