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Road Safety and Accident Prevention

Road Safety and Accident Prevention

Road safety and accident prevention guarantee safety on the road. Road safety refers to methods and measures used to prevent road users from being killed while on the road. On our roads, Vehicles, pedestrians, animals and other structures do have an impact and their various interactions can result in accidents on the road.

Road traffic accident has become a common occurrence and to a greater extent poses a major global health concern. It increases day by day.  And again, to some people, a road traffic accident is an act of nature that is bound to happen. But on the contrary, most road accident causes apart from mechanical failure from the vehicle and environmental factors has a human factor as their root cause.

Losses due to an accident.

Road users have been killed. Families have been separated and their contributions to the nation and their families have been cut short due to fatalities. Even the medical and insurance cost from an accident takes a large chunk of money to cater for it. Also, there is corresponding damage to assets and pollution of the environment depending on the magnitude of the road traffic accident that happens. However, an accident is preventable but there are leading factors causing it. Let’s take a look at the factors.

Human Factors.

These factors are triggered by humans and they are:
• Overspeeding.
• Wrongful overtaking.
• Disobedience to traffic signs and warnings.
• Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
Use of mobile phones while driving.
• An inappropriate crossing of the road by pedestrians.
• Avoidance of pedestrian bridge etc.

Environmental Factors.

The environmental conditions such as:
• Rainfall, Fog and/or snow.
• Potholes on the road.
• Sloppy roads.
• Slick roads.
• Glare.
• High way related conditions.
• Other Weather conditions.

Mechanical Factors.

This has to do with the moving equipment or the vehicle itself. The mechanical factors leading to accidents include:
• Brake failure while driving which can lead to an accident.
• Faulty steering systems and suspensions.
• Worn Tyres.
• Faulty headlights and taillights which may lead to poor visibility at night.
• Gear Failure while driving .etc.
• Malfunctioning wipers.
Tyre Blowouts.

Road Safety and Accident Prevention.

There are several prevention strategies for Road safety and accident prevention. They are:

• Ensure that the drivers do not take alcohol while driving.

• Ensure that the drivers obey the speed limit.

•The avoidance of indiscriminate overtaking at all times.

• Road traffic signs and warnings should be obeyed.

• Ensure that the roads are in good condition with proper maintenance

• Avoiding overspeeding during adverse weather conditions such as rainfall.

• Having proper good journey management in place.

• Only use qualified mechanics and electricians during vehicle repair and maintenance.

• Ensure the use of good and standard vehicle parts during repairs.

Individuals and government can still do more through:

1. Raising public awareness on issues of road safety and accident prevention.
The communication of road safety, and its importance with the disciplinary actions being put in place. Ignorance of road safety laws is not an excuse and road safety agencies have to enforce road safety laws.

2. Random alcohol and drug testing.

Alcohol, drugs, and driving do not simply go together. There should be random alcohol and drug testing for drivers by road traffic agencies to checkmate alcohol abuse.

3. Fines for violators.
Imposing fines on defaulters will go a long way to checkmate defaulters on our roads. Those violations are direct link to accidents.

4. Construction of pedestrian bridges.
Having a good pedestrian bridge will serve as a refuge to avoid pedestrian collisions with a vehicle.


Road Safety and accident prevention are vital to human sustainability. However, so many factors as listed above contribute to road accidents. Road accidents are preventable. And road safety is achievable. With the right controls in place, everyone would be safe on the road.

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