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51 safe driving tips to enhance your driving safety

safe driving tips driving safety

51 safe driving tips to enhance your driving safety

Safe driving tips will help to prevent vehicle crashes which are the leading cause of death on the road. Follow these 50 safe driving tips and apply them while driving.

  1. Ensure you wear your safety belt. 
  2. Always obey the yellow light on the road. It serves as a caution.
  3. Do not mix driving with drinking. Driving under the influence of alcohol will impair your sense of judgement and ability to coordinate. Drinking has caused a lot of deaths.
  4. Some prescription drugs can impair your judgement while driving. Avoid taking it when driving on the road.
  5. Do not drive when you’re tired.
  6. Always obey the speed limit when you’re driving.
  7. Always maintain your vehicle in good condition.
  8. Remember to maintain a safe distance between you and the car in your front.
  9. Do not break unnecessarily while on the road.
  10. Hold your steering with two hands at all times.
  11. Do not operate your phone while driving.
  12. Do not text with your phone while you’re driving.
  13. Be extra careful when driving on the highway and in construction areas.
  14. Always drive defensively and be careful always.
  15. Maintain your vehicle at regular intervals.
  16. Be careful when driving at intersections.
  17. Do not over speed on wet roads.
  18. If you feel sleepy, ensure you stop and take a short nap before you continue.
  19. Always give way to an emergency vehicle like an ambulance.
  20. Make sure you inspect your vehicles at all times.
  21. Replace your vehicle tyres when they are damaged.
  22. Do not overload your vehicle.
  23. Avoid driving in reverse to enter a major road or highway. 
  24. Do not drive when you’re emotionally down or physically unfit.
  25. Ensure you have a good sight before driving.
  26. Respect other road users, drive carefully and do not abuse them.

51 safe driving tips to enhance your driving safety

  1. Exercise patience whenever you’re driving. Do not be in a hurry.
  2. Check your tyre load capacity and do not exceed it. 
  3. Maintain your tyre inflation limit and do not exceed it.
  4. If your vehicle has an anti-lock braking system, press the brake pedal and hold and gently steer around the obstacle if you must break.
  5. Do not drive aggressively.
  6. Always stay alert and be careful while steering.
  7. Obey road signs and traffic signs.
  8. Do not be overconfident when driving. Drive safely
  9. When driving, do not expect other drivers to do the right thing. 
  10. Put on your headlight when you’re driving under mist.  
  11. Do not brake unnecessarily.
  12. Plan your journey and ensure you leave early to prevent overspeeding to meet up with your time.
  13. Obey the traffic lights. Do not move your vehicle if you’re not allowed. 
  14. Engage your trafficator when you want to change direction.
  15. Ensure your seat, mirrors and others are adjusted to fit the driver. 
  16. Maintain your lane at all times. Do not drive on the pedestrian lane.
  17. Do not park your vehicles at the wrong junctions and places. 
  18. Check your headlights, windscreen, tyres, taillights, etc.
  19. Make sure you carry children at the appropriate car safety seating position.
  20. Do not drive on a route that is unfamiliar to you. Apply caution when you want to do so.
  21. Make sure you secure any load if your vehicle must carry a load.
  22. Do not drive where children are playing in the area. 
  23. If your item falls off your vehicle, ensure to park before going to get it.
  24. Be careful when driving in unfavourable weather.
  25. Maintain your lane during driving, and do not drive carelessly. 

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