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Why CO2 fire extinguisher does not have a pressure gauge?

fire extinguisher pressure gauge

Why CO2 fire extinguisher does not have a pressure gauge?

The pressure gauge is one of the parts seen in most fire extinguishers. For example, The pressure gauge is available in DCP and water fire extinguishers, but in CO2 fire extinguishers, the pressure gauge is unavailable. You’ll be wondering why was it possible. There are possible reasons why the pressure gauge is unavailable in Co2 portable fire extinguishers.

This blog will explain why the pressure gauge is unavailable in CO2 fire extinguishers.

What is a fire extinguisher pressure gauge?

A fire extinguisher pressure gauge is an object in most fire extinguishers that measures the pressure of its contents. In other words, the fire extinguisher pressure gauge measures the pressure of the content of the extinguisher. The pressure gauge is round. It shows when the content is undercharged, adequate and overcharged. An undercharged reading from the pressure gauge means the fire extinguisher has lost enough pressure to work. The content pressure is good when the pointer is in the green area. If the pointer escapes the green portion towards the other area, it means an overcharged fire extinguisher.

Can a portable fire extinguisher lose pressure?

A fire extinguisher can lose pressure under terms certain conditions. For instance, when used, tampered or there is a leakage from the body. When it loses pressure, it may not work. That’s why it is good to supervise, service and maintain the fire extinguishers in order not to fail you during a fire emergency. However, there could be instances where the pressure gauge is faulty even though the contents will be under recommended pressure. In that case, make sure you service the fire extinguisher regularly. 

Why CO2 fire extinguisher does not have pressure gauges?

1. The Constant pressure of the CO2 

The basic principle for all fire extinguishers is that they should have enough pressure to release their content during firefighting. The content having no pressure means ineffective discharge of the content.

The CO2 fire extinguishing agent is in a semi-liquid state under pressure in the fire extinguisher body. They have a pressure of 830 psi. This pressure is enough to release the CO2 from the cylinder. A pressure gauge will always read 830 PSI in a CO2 fire extinguisher, so it doesn’t make sense to put it. The CO2 pressure does not fluctuate, and it remains the same throughout. The Co2 is always measured in weight and not in pressure. 

2. The simplicity of the CO2 fire extinguishers

The design of the CO2 fire extinguisher is with a simple mechanism of the cylinder containing only the CO2 liquid. So, It discharges by engaging the lever, and the content comes out from the hose. They are equally reliable and easy to maintain. 

In conclusion

Indeed, a Co2 portable fire extinguisher doesn’t have a pressure gauge. The unavailability of a pressure gauge does not affect its ability to fight fire effectively. However, always maintain regular inspection and maintenance to keep the fire extinguishers in good condition.

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