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Fire triangle

Three fire key elements.

Fire triangle.

Fire is a commodity that is sold in the olden days. People buy fire locally from burning charcoal. This was because the things used to produce fire is very scarce. So when a fire is created, the owner preserves it in an enclosure to ensure it continues to burn gradually for a very long time.

Sometimes they have to strike two stones to produce fire due to friction.

In modern times. The fire is now common as the water. The things used to produce fire is readily available. For a fire to exist, three elements must be present and be called the fire triangle. They are in our environment of work and homes.

1. Fuel.

To the average man in the street, fuel means solely Premium motor spirit (PMS). It has a broader definition. Fuel is a combustible material or substance such as diesel, wood, paper, butane, acetylene. It is consumed during the combustion process. Classes of fire are grouped according to the fuel type that is consumed in the burning process.

The fuel type can be solid materials, flammable liquids, gases, metals, high-temperature fats. Solid materials such as wood, paper give rise to class A fires. Flammable liquids such as kerosene, solvents give rise to class B fire. Gases such as acetylene, butane give rise to class C fires. Metals such as Magnesium give rise to class D fire. High-temperature fats such as cooking fat give rise to class F fires.

2. Oxygen.

Oxygen is readily available in the atmosphere. We breathe in oxygen and breath out carbon (IV) oxide. Plants take Carbon (IV) Oxide for their use.

The oxygen present in the atmosphere is about 21 per cent. During combustion, oxygen is consumed together with the fuel. Oxygen-rich chemicals can produce fire during the combustion process.

3. Heat.

Heat is essential in starting the combustion process. A Heat source can be removed once the fire starts. Combustion generates its heat. Fire produces heat and smoke Smoke is made up of soot, carbon mono oxide, and Carbon (IV) Oxide. Soot are small particles.

The fire triangle is vital in fire prevention. Fire prevention is the idea that whenever you keep the three elements or things apart, fire cannot start. The other important is in the firefighting. Firefighting is when you want to put out the fire. You remove one of the things that can start a fire. The fire will go out on its own.


Fire causes significant damage to the environment, workplace, and our homes. Fire is good when it is put to good use. Emergency fires destroy items, and its smoke can severely affect the items as well. With this knowledge, you can tell what the requirements of fire are, and it can aid a lot in its control and prevention.

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