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DEPRESSION/ Feeling Low?

Depression!!!!!?. In this era of the global economic downturn with businesses failing before taking off, hike in the exchange rate, high-interest rates, loss of jobs, and unemployment. The astronomical rise of the inflation rate is better left imagined. Alas! That is the reality of the age we are.

The supposed least people on the rung of the economic ladder are badly affected, and even the supposed rich are not excluded. Meanwhile, the gap keeps getting wider between the rich and the poor.

The economy being the pivotal point of any society has therefore affected the general decadence of the global village as marriages are coming to an abrupt end, children are dropping out of school, and people are dying. All hope seemed lost especially in the government of the day.

These have also caused an increase in social vices as there is a higher rate of kidnap, sexual assault, ritual killing, robbery, and internet fraud all in the name of wanting to make ends meet. And to meet up with the status quo.

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The causal factor and resultant effect of it all is depression. There is much frustration in the land. Depression is one of the reasons for the increase in social vices and also the effect of the economic downturn.

Depression is simply a state of sadness and hopelessness. It can also be a psychiatric disorder in which symptoms such as constant feelings of bleakness, sadness, lack of drive, insomnia, and occasionally, suicidal inclination.

Depression is an illness that is often overlooked or in most cases not seen as an illness. It can happen/ occur in old and young alike. A state of sadness that exceeds two weeks is termed depression and has other symptoms such as loss of appetite, and loss of interest in favourite activities such as hobbies.

There is a thin line between having a low mood and depression.

Depression is more like an advanced stage of having low moods repeatedly and consistently.

You can stop depression. What do you do?

To avoid getting into a state of depression is to stay positive and optimistic. Talking to a trusted friend, relative, or counsellor can be of great help. The state of hopelessness or sadness can occur at any stage of life regardless of a particular age or class.

However, if you feel low at any point in life because things are not working out your way. Don’t shut down or give up. Instead, it is time to put on a lot more effort than in previous times. It is not the time to quit if you want to win.

As the saying goes; life is not a bed of roses. Whatever might come your way, understand that it is not the end of the world even if it seems so. Always know that we have over seven (7) billion people on the surface of the earth, you are not the only one in your shoes, and perhaps much more have walked the same path you are treading. Also, not all ended badly so stay positive!

Life events like the loss of a dear one may throw you off balance. The best you can do is to stay in balance at all costs.
Perhaps, you have tried almost everything you can to stay out of the depressive state; it is probably time to seek medical attention for proper care.

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