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Tornado warning: what you need to do when you see alert messages

tornado warning what you need to do when you see alert messages

Tornado warning: what you need to do when you see alert messages.

A Tornado warning means a tornado is about to happen in an area or the radar has spotted it. So, if you’re in the area where the tornado warning has taken place, you need to act immediately to save yourself from danger.

What is a tornado?

A tornado is a mobile non destructive vortex of violently rotating winds with the appearance of a funnel-shaped cloud advancing beneath a large storm system. Tornadoes are always dangerous to behold. And even an experienced meteorologist might not see them.

The difference between a tornado warning and a tornado watch

Tornado warning and tornado watch are two different words.

However, a tornado watch means a tornado has fulfilled the ideal conditions for it to happen, often issued in advance by NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center.

A tornado warning means that a tornado is about to happen or radar has been able to pick one immediately. Whenever there is a tornado warning, the safest thing to do is to move to a safe place like a storm shelter.

What do you need to do in the event of a tornado warning in your locality?

Follow the following precautions below when there is a tornado warning.

1. Locate an appropriate shelter.

People should be able to have this arrangement before now. The shelter should be enough to protect people against the risk of a tornado. The government also issues a directive on how the Citizens can locate an appropriate shelter for their safety during a tornado warning. However, if you receive a tornado warning, the safety rules for you to apply are to

  • Go inside immediately if you’re outside.

While in your home, locate the basement or your inner room. Most likely those with no windows, for example, your closet or the lowest floor. Remember to shield your head and neck with your arms under a table or cover yourself with a blanket. The idea is to ensure that you are protected enough against bodily harm. If you’re living in a mobile home, ensure that you locate a sound structure that can protect you against the tornado, and if you can’t identify such a place, and shut to ask the local officials for the responders to give you information before a storm happens.

2. Do not drive.

Hearing about a tornado warning should make you suspend any driving. It is unsafe to drive at that time because the vehicle can collapse, and debris can even penetrate the car during the tornado incident. If you are staying in a rural area, it’s equally better to park your vehicle and run to a safe place because the weather can make driving a dangerous activity during that time. And you can even be stopped by traffic.

Do not consider the option to get down inside your vehicle and cover your head because a tornado may come with a flood, so taking this action may not be the safest thing to do.

3. Prepare for tornadoes.

The best thing to always do is to prepare for an event before it happens. Having an emergency plan will put you on the right foot to know what to do when such an incident happens. Your emergency plan should consider your household, the places you need to seek shelter and the items you need. There should also be consideration for your pets and the medications you might need for the tornado emergency.

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