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Stress is not right for you

stress management

Stress is not right for you.

Stress is not right for you. For instance.It’s the start of a new week, Monday to be precise and you are scheduled to make a presentation or make a report of the activities of the previous week.

Perhaps you have a quarterly meeting, and you are yet to put all your reports together coupled with your wife nagging at you before leaving for the office, the traffic probably held you for hours despite you leaving for your destination early enough.

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As a wife or mother, you are in the middle of work, and you’re called from your child’s school about an emergency. Everything around you just stops, heart racing, head spinning and anyone that gets in your way at that moment would have him or herself to blame.

The above scenarios are some real-life situations that almost everyone goes through every other day. It is important to know that this kind of situations and much more are not only experienced by adults and grownups but children, as well as young adults, have like experiences.

When situations as such occur, everything in a human responds and reacts such as the heart racing faster, quicker breaths, the release of certain hormones such as adrenaline which prepares you to flight especially in case of danger or an emergency.

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The period of threat, fear or pressure or failure to meet up with deadlines induces stress. It is interesting to note that such situations are not entirely wrong in its self but becomes disturbing when it prolongs as it can lead to certain health issues like the following:

Having slow digestion; in a situation when one is tensed up or stressed out you tend to lose appetite all of a sudden. For instance; if you were eating and you receive a distress call, and you realize the need for an urgent intervention, almost immediately, you become filled up, or the food becomes repulsive and might remain as such until the situation at hand is wholly or partly resolved.

Therefore, most people with relatives in critical conditions or a bereaved person does not have an appetite for food, and in most cases, the body system of such individuals would fall back on what it has accumulated before the emergency. Read more on this site.

As bad as stress is, it also has some positive undertones that keep you on your feet until you accomplish a task. It also motivates you to give your best. Stress starts becoming harmful when the body is constantly and persistently in emergency mode. That is when a very fast heartbeat becomes your normal heartbeat.

A stressed person is more prone to insomnia, hypertension, and depression than a non-stressed person.
Stress causes are demands at work, loss of a beloved, financial pressure, family and children, termination of appointment. Certain life events that put high demands on someone such as marriage, buying a house and convocation.

There is however certain simple things or practices that can help avert stress which includes but not limited to the following:

1. Schedule your time.

It is of great necessity that you have a plan of what you plan to achieve on a daily basis. Ensure you achieve them. This will make you not to suddenly fall under pressure when there are so many things you didn’t do.

2. Prioritize your health.

Be sure that your health takes first place whenever you are on a task. For instance, if you feel hungry or thirsty try as much as possible not to delay it. Even if you cannot have a full meal, diced fruits or a cup of water would go a long way. If you feel weak or tired, why not leave your desk for fresh air for a minute or two.

3. Learn to say no.

You really cannot satisfy everyone so why kill yourself trying to please someone. You do not have to take all the responsibilities, learn to delegate and assign duties and be available to supervise.

4. Good night sleep.

Never deny yourself of a good night sleep. What if you die while trying to get everything done. Guess what after a week or two of mourning your loss. Everyone moves on like you never existed.

In conclusion, Stress is not a good thing.It is a health risk itself. Let ‘s learn to manage it for the benefit of humanity.

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