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A farmer was fined after the worker became entangled in a potato harvester

potato harvester injury

A worker suffered multiple injuries from being entangled in the contra-rotating rollers of a potato harvester. 

The Employer ( a farmer) was later fined the sum of £4,992 and was ordered to pay costs of £5,805.

Read the story that leads to the fine.

On 21 August 2020, The Folkestone Magistrates’ Court heard that the worker was involved in unblocking the potato harvester at a farm in Kent when he stepped down onto the rollers. The worker was pulled leg first into the machine and became stuck up to his knee. It resulted in burns to the leg, a pulled hamstring, torn calf, broken nerves and hairline fractures to the knee and ankle.


Health and Safety Executive (HSE), a government organisation responsible for the safety and health of workers in the Uk found out that the safe work procedure for the job was not followed. 

The HSE inspector with the HSE Executive narrated that incidents like that have become too many where there has been maintenance on live machines while ignoring the principles of safe stop and safe maintenance procedure.


In great Britain, One per cent of the workforce is in the agricultural sector. However, the industry has recorded more than 20 per cent of worker death often attributed to poor working practices. And carrying out maintenance on live machinery.

Principles of the safe stop must be imbibed by those working in an agricultural industry so that the record will reduce.


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