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Inappropriate use of mobile phone -The 5 dangers involved in it .

Mobile phones dangers

Mobile phones are everyday use by people. People conduct business today with mobile phones.

People use mobile phones to make calls, do searches on the internet, Chats and send messages to their loved ones, family and friends or even their co-worker.

In fact, it has become a necessity for people to communicate at work with their fellow employees. The employees use a mobile phones to access digital information. The use of mobile phones is immeasurable.

However, there are always two sides to a coin. Mobile phone with all their good side has a bad side when used inappropriately.

These same mobile phone has resulted in so many safety issues revolving around abuses, and accidents, and it has served as a tool to access inappropriate images to defame and harass co-workers at the workplace.

The biggest challenge mobile phone poses are their inappropriate use. And let’s take a look at what it can cause in our workplace.

1. It creates a distraction while operating work equipment.

Work equipment includes simple tools like a hammer; hand-held power tools ( circular saw), single machines( like a photocopier), machine assemblies (like a bottling plant) and mobile work equipment (like a backhoe loader).

Operators manning those machines can get distracted while working and using their mobile phones. The distraction will cause their body to be exposed to dangerous parts of the machine that can injure or harm them.

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2. It causes a distraction while driving a vehicle.

Vehicles used on sites such as pick-up vans and others can be exposed to danger by the actions of the driver.

And this can happen while driving and making use of mobile phones through texting, playing games or playing music.

When a driver is distracted, accidents are bound to happen. Accidents are always an ugly scene to behold.

3. It causes distractions for employees in the workplace.

Worksites are dangerous places. For the fact that you are on a work site exposes you to hazards which can cause harm to you.

Moving equipment is the main hazard to distracted employees walking on-site. During reversing of a vehicle or when there is a need to apply a horn for impending danger.

A worker walking on a vehicle route may not be able to hear the horn or the alarm due to distraction from the mobile phone.

Also, the use of earphones is prohibited on-site. In noisy places, the use of earphones can add to the already noise in the environment thereby multiplying the damaging effect of noise on the ear.

4. It causes fire and explosion on a work site.

The use of mobile phones in places where there are flammable fuels like diesel and PMS can result in fire and explosion. It is strongly not allowed to make use of mobile phones while it is connected to a power source because it can lead to fire and explosion.

Some places such as fuel storage areas should be placed with no use of mobile phone signs to serve as a control against fire and explosion.

5. It causes a loss of productive work hours.

Companies engage a worker for 8 hours of work in a day. It is used as a factor in calculating the daily manhour of workers on site. and can be used to checkmate the productions.

When a worker engages in actions that take away his production time. It tends to disrupt production, or it brings a drop in production time.

Most smartphones make the worker engage in video watching and video chatting. This will take away his production time for pleasures and frivolities.

And this can lead to loss of concentration while working. Meanwhile, safety and production have to go hand in hand.


The inappropriate use of mobile phones is terrible.  A mobile phone is good to use in places where there is no risk to safety attached to it.

Many accidents are a result of mobile phone use.  Accidents are preventable.  The promotion of a safe worker and a safe environment is key.  And it ensures that everyone gets home after the close of work.

If you feel there are other dangers of inappropriate use of mobile phones on a work site, why not give me a reply?

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