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Do you know about Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC)?

Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps (LNSC) Photo

The Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) is a uniformed organisation formed by the Lagos state government of Nigeria solely to fight crime and other vices that affect the safety of the masses. They assist the police and other security agencies in their functions effectively. 

When was the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) formed?

They were formed in 2016 by the law of the Lagos state legislature in Nigeria. 

According to the Ex-governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, speaking on the occasion of the 27th March 2017 inauguration said: ” LSNC is well trained in seeking peaceful resolution of conflicts, proactive policing engagement as against reactive policing, dispute mediation, skilful negotiations and other skills that would assist in curbing crime and nipping in the bud the activities of criminally minded individuals”.

Who are the officers?

The uniformed officers of the Lagos neighbourhood safety corps are the locals from the 57 LGA/LCDA in the state. Security is always local. The best is to hire the indigenous locals to do the work effectively. 

Functions of the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC)

  • To gather all relevant information about crimes, suspicious activities and crime suspects.
  • Dissemination of crime-related information, suspicious activities and crime suspect to the police and other security agencies to help fight crimes in the state.
  • Make the availability of formidable structures preventing hoodlums and other evil groups from existing in the state. And ensuring that they don’t have an opportunity to operate.
  • Having timely and routine patrols at all times, day and night. 
  • Create a system to reduce the crime rate and ensure that all perpetrators of crime are held accountable for their evil deeds.
  • To ensure justice for the offenders of crimes and that proper arrest is carried out timely.
  • Maintaining a good relationship between them, the police, and the community, thereby fostering community peace and harmony. 

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