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Toolbox talk on aggressive driving

aggressive driving toolbox talk

Aggressive driving entails driving in an unsafe manner without regarding other road users. Some drivers, at some point, frustration and impatience make them engage in aggressive driving.

Some hazards and behaviours that are associated with driving aggressively.

  • Over speeding of the vehicle.
  • Driving over the shoulder of the road.
  • Yelling and yorking at fellow drivers on the road.
  • Bumping other vehicles while on the road. 
  • Changing lanes frequently without any regard to other vehicles on the road
  • Harassment to other road users.
  • Disobeying traffic signs and traffic lights on the road
  • indiscriminate weaving in and out of traffic without regard to other vehicles on the road. 

Driving under alcohol influence or drugs can make the driver engage in aggressive driving. Alcohol impairs judgement and affects the sense of reasoning. With this, it can lead to reckless driving.

Aggressive driving: What do you do to prevent aggressive driving today?

  • Plan your travel ahead of time and have enough time to reach your destination. It will also prevent you from running late to your location.
  • When you notice that you’re running late to your destination, put a call across to your destination and inform them appropriately.
  • Before driving, ensure you’re in the right frame of mind. Avoid being angry or tired when on the wheel.
  • Be polite to other road users and avoid confrontation of any kind.
  • Relax your mind and feel comfortable while driving. You can listen to music to maintain a calm atmosphere. 
  • Don’t retaliate or fight back when a fellow driver engages in aggressive driving.
  • Avoid driving at peak hours when you may likely have road congestion. Reschedule your time to drive off-peak hours. 
  • Be courteous when your driving.
  • Avoid making gestures that may suggest danger to other drivers. 
  • While on the wheel, do not make gestures that may anger other drivers .
  • Do not drive your vehicle slowly to tailgate to pressure other drivers to get out of your way. Always drive at a speed meant for such a road.   

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