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What are essential safety tools to keep at the office?

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What are the essential safety tools to keep at the office?

Safety has to be a priority for everyone in the office or workplace. It is always essential that employers pay attention to worker safety because it is legal to do so. There are safety tools that every employer should provide in any office. These tools will go a long way to protect the workers against accidents. So here in this article are these essential safety tools to keep at the office. 

What are the safety tools?

1. Portable fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers are mainly for fighting fires because fires are emergencies that happen without informing anyone. To effectively plan against fire emergencies, you need a portable fire extinguisher in your office. There are different types of fire extinguishers that you will need in your office. Make sure you place them in Strategic positions. Always consider those places where there is a likelihood of fire occurring. Train your employees on how to use fire extinguishers. Ensure that every worker participates in the training. 

2. First Aid Kits.

First aid kits are one of the essential safety tools that you need to have in your office. Injuries can happen at any time in the office. It is beneficial to have a first aid kit in strategic places that are easily accessible in the offices. Ensure you train your workers on how to conduct a simple first aid. If necessary, employ competent first aiders to take care of first aid cases in the workplace. The first aid kit contains items, for example, bandages, scissors, hand gloves, and tweezers. 

3. Carbon monoxide detectors.

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that is odourless, tasteless and colourless. It is dangerous because it can kill when someone inhales it for an extended period. Human senses cannot easily detect CO, but carbon monoxide detectors can assist you when there is a CO buildup. Install carbon monoxide detectors at strategic places in the office. Ensure you inspect and maintain them regularly to be in good condition.

4. Fire hydrant.

Make provision for a fire hydrant in your office. A fire hydrant helps you get a direct supplier of water to fight fire in case of emergency. Your office should get at least one fire hydrant that is effective and functional, and you must regularly inspect and monitor it to ensure that it has good working conditions. 

5. Smoke alarms.

Smoke alarms will help you to detect smoke and alert you when there is a fire emergency. You may install it in different positions in your workplace or offices. The smoke alarms play a vital role in preventing fire. Ensure you inspect and maintain the smoke alarms and keep them in good working condition. 


An office environment is where people work and put in their best. People shouldn’t come to work and get injuries from work. Those safety tools will go a long way to reduce workplace incidents and protect workers during an emergency. Having the safety tools is not enough. It is essential to inspect them regularly. Ensure they’re in good condition. As a responsible business owner, ensuring the safety of your workers is one of the best things you can do for them, and by so doing, the employees will be more productive and most successful at work.


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