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Nebosh online conference 2023

Nebosh has opened the registration for the 2023 Nebosh online conference. The conference is going on Tuesday, 21 November 2023. 

The conference will be a meeting point for industry experts and professionals from health and safety, technology, mental health, communication and OSH strategy.

The seasoned speakers for the

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How to maintain good toilet hygiene

The toilet is a humid area with the potential for germs and bacteria to thrive on them. These bacteria, like Salmonella and E. coli, can exist in toilet areas like the seat, floor, flush, door handle, and brush. The toilet usually has a foul odour due to the action of the bacteria that absorbs the toilet’s organic waste and releases the odour gas. 

Sometimes, it becomes an unbearable odour for those using the toilet. The area can become extremely dirty and a breeding ground for diseases. And this is more reason why good toilet hygiene is vital.

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What causes black mould in the bathroom and how to prevent it

  What causes black mould in the bathroom, and how to prevent it Black mould is a fungus that thrives in a moist environment. It has the potential to cause health issues.  People should focus on how to get rid of it as soon as… Read More »What causes black mould in the bathroom and how to prevent it

entertainment industry safety artiste

Safety concerns for artistes working in the entertainment industry

All actors, dancers and musicians are human beings. They have their physical body. The human body can sustain an injury when not protected enough. The artiste exposes their body during stunts, performances, and rehearsals. They can sustain an injury from these activities. 

The series of questions from this part should be, are there measures in place to prevent musculoskeletal issues and injuries during any of these activities?

safe bicycle riding tips bicycle safety

Safe bicycle riding tips: Bicycle safety

Bicycle riding is one of the most eco-friendly, cost-effective modes of transportation. Most people ride on bicycles to keep fit and enjoy themselves. This Safe bicycle riding tips will protect the rider from an accident and offer the cyclist the needed information to prevent accidents during cycling activity. 

incident investigation questions why what where how when

The Key 5 Questions to ask during an incident investigation

Incident investigation at the workplace is a structured activity carried out by responsible persons to get to the root cause of an incident. More so, It unravels the mystery behind every incident at the workplace. 

An incident investigator uses a sequence of questions to unravel the causes of the incident. The right question structure helps to arrive at the root cause. 

So, to get to the root cause, the incident investigator should ask the following questions during the investigation and is more likely than ever to get to the fact of the incident.

principles of auditing management system auditing

6 principles of auditing every management system auditor should apply when carrying out auditing. 

The six key principles every management system auditor should apply during an audit are; Integrity, which is the core of auditing professionalism; Fair presentation, highlighting the necessity of truth and accuracy in reportage; Confidentiality, emphasizing the importance of maintaining secure information; Due professional care, encouraging sound judgments; Independence, facilitating impartiality and objectivity; and an Evidence-based approach, focusing on verifiable samples of information. These principles are founded on Clauses 5 to 7 of the ISO 19011:2011 Guidelines for auditing management systems.

first party audit second party audit third party audit management system auditing

The difference between first party, second party and third party audit

First party audit is called an internal audit conducted internally by an organisation or by someone else on their behalf. In the first party audit, it’s the members of the management that are involved, very familiar with themselves and unlike what we may have in the second party and third party audits.

competence at work

What is competence, and why is it important?

Competence is the combination of training, skills, experience, and knowledge, applied to perform a task well. In health and safety, competence ensures risk assessments are prepared accurately, workers operate safely, and hazards are controlled appropriately. It’s not only critical for work efficiency but is also a legal requirement, essential to maintaining a secure and healthy workspace.

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