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aggressive driving toolbox talk

Toolbox talk on aggressive driving

Aggressive driving entails driving in an unsafe manner without regarding other road users. Some drivers, at some point, frustration and impatience make them engage in aggressive driving. Some hazards and behaviours that are associated with driving aggressively. Over speeding of the vehicle. Driving over the… Read More »Toolbox talk on aggressive driving

toolbox talk on excavation safety

Toolbox talk on excavation safety

Excavation safety is paramount, especially on a construction site. Most times, excavation occurs when there is a need to build a physical structure or lay a foundation. However, excavation collapse is the main excavation hazard. When there is an excavation collapse, the loose soil may… Read More »Toolbox talk on excavation safety

Electrical safety toolbox talk

Toolbox talk on electrical safety

Electricity safety prevents electricity hazards from causing injury or harm to persons. Equally, electrical safety entails good work practices. Good work practices prevent workers from being victims of any electrical hazard in the workplace. Electrical hazards are burns, electric shock, electrocution, arcing explosions from unsuitable electrical… Read More »Toolbox talk on electrical safety

Working at height toolbox talk

Toolbox talk on working at height.

Working at height refers to jobs above 1.8 meters or below ground level and presents hazards, including falling objects, platform collapse, and unsafe ladder use. Safety measures include competent supervision, risk assessment, working from ground level or reducing work distance to the ground, clear communication, safety gear, and regularly inspecting work equipment. Unsafe practices should be reported while lightweight tasks should utilize ladders, with scaffold or platforms for heavy-duty tasks.

Toolbox talk on equipment maintenance

Toolbox talk on equipment maintenance

  Equipment maintenance is good. And it has numerous advantages, for example, It can make equipment last longer and keep running for a long time thereby preventing work delays. It prevents people from injury caused by equipment failure due to poor or no maintenance. Minor… Read More »Toolbox talk on equipment maintenance

Toolbox talk on forklift safety

Toolbox talk on Forklift Safety.

Forklifts are heavy-duty machines. Driving a forklift is not like you’re driving a regular car. A car is a balanced four-point suspension system. A forklift is a three-point suspension system that is unbalanced. lots of dangers occur when using forklifts on loading docks and in… Read More »Toolbox talk on Forklift Safety.