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Furniture company fined over multiple wood dust failures.

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Furniture company fined over multiple wood dust failures.

A Northwich furniture company called Pineland Furniture Limited in Wilton Street of Cheshire town has been fined on two separate occasions for identical breaches of health and safety regulations regarding dust failures. 

What caused the fine?

There were several breaches of the Control of substances hazardous to health regulations in 2002. The HSE Executive Britain served the company improvement notices over these years.

Then, in other visits, the company did not improve on controlling exposure to wood dust and other health risks arising from their work.

The health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector responses

The HSE inspector, Ian Betley, noted that hazards can cause non-reversible health problems including asthma, dermatitis and irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. There should be adequate protection for the worker’s health. 

In addition, he said that it is important to carry out statutory thorough examinations of extraction equipment and ensure face fit testing, as required by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) to help prevent ill health.

The fine resulting from the Dust breaches

On 11 October 2023, Pineland Furniture Limited pleaded guilty to breaching regulations 7 (1) and 9 ( 2) of COSHH. They were fined £16,000 and ordered to pay £3008 costs at a hearing at Chester magistrate.

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