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Process safety toolbox talk in a workplace

process safety tool box talk photo

Process safety toolbox talk.

In the workplace, we always process, handle and transport hazardous chemicals from one location to another. These activities have the likelihood of chemicals escaping to the environment and causing harm to people and damage to the environment. Maintaining an effective barrier in this system will prevent the unwanted discharge of hazardous chemicals into the surroundings. 

Significant losses can arise when the process safety is not carefully maintained as seen below.

  • Release of hazardous energy or material could cause worker death and equipment damage.
  • Fire and vapour explosions- This could cause fire emergencies in the environment and may lead to loss of lives, properties and other living things. 
  • Toxic and hazardous releases- Toxic release of a substance can be fatal.

Key Preventive activities to maintain process safety in the workplace

  • Ensure that you follow all isolation procedures in place in the company.
  • Follow management of change procedure in place.
  • Ensure that you follow all maintenance procedures.
  • Maintain process safety information and ensure that all personnel are aware of them.
  • Always perform inspections and supervision on all equipment that are carrying hazardous substances.
  • Create appropriate emergency procedures and ensure that they are well understood.
  • Always remember to address changes that may affect process operations and equipment.
  • Remember to communicate when issuing and receiving permits so that everyone will understand the importance of the process’s safety.
  • Always remember to make your reports of any abnormal conditions to your supervisors.
  • Report and investigate all loss of containment events to prevent recurrence.
  • Ensure that all protective systems, for example, Alarms, detectors, interlocks, and overspeed trips, are in good condition.
  • Always conduct prejob walk-throughs and supervision during the work activities.
  • Always maintain the primary layers of protection and ensure you follow and operate by all procedures.

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