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safe lifting toolbox talk

Toolbox talk on safe lifting.

Safe lifting ensures no one is harmed during the manual lifting of objects. It ensures we conduct our lifting in a manner devoid of unsafe practice. Lifting has become an integral part of our lives; some people lift every day because of their job though some rarely do. No matter the divide you are, safe lifting is good for everyone.

Safe lifting:what can we do to ensure safe lifting today?

  • Ensure you put on your personal protective equipment such as your safety boot, or hand glove. It’ll help to reduce any impact on the legs or the hand.
  • Determine the route of your carry. Know the route that you are going to take the load and remove any obstructions.
  • Assess the load and seek assistance from fellow workers or call for a mechanical aid such as a hand truck or a forklift, if you can’t carry the load easily.
  • Consider doing a trial lifting of the load yourself during your assessment.

During the lift.

  • Position the load close to yourself. It will help reduce the horizontal position of the load, enabling you to lift properly.
  • Gently squat, bend your knees and ensure your back is straight. Not having your back straight will increase the effect of pain in your back.
  • Get a good grip on the load and ensure you keep the load close to your body. And lift the load with your leg muscle
  • Avoid twisting your leg when moving.
  • While you are walking, continue to take a small step, do not run to avoid falling with the load

Dropping the load.

  • Gently repeat the steps as when lifting the load.
  • Lower your back, very slowly, and allow to drop the load with your knee muscle and do not bend your back.
  • Place the load on your desired position or surface.

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