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Toolbox talk on back safety

tool box talk on back safety

Back safety relates well to the safety of our back because any damage to our back can affect us for a very long time. 

Activities such as repetitive movements from work activities, heavy lifting and sitting for a long time in a chair can make our back go weak, leading to back pain

Back pain contributes to more reasons why people consult doctors. Back pain causes a lost workday at work. 

However, please find below other factors that help influence back pain while lifting. 

The weight of the object.

Some organisations have a safe lifting limit for their lifting operation. But a safe lifting limit of 18kg for females and 25kg for males are recommended for persons. 

If a load is heavier, please ask for help or get mechanical assistance. 

Consider the travel distance of the load to you.

How far is the load to you? If the travel distance is far, it will increase the risk of back injury. Finding a way to reduce that distance will help to improve your back safety.

Consider the vertical distance.

It indicates how high you’ll have to lift the load or lower it. Consider reducing this height to improve your back safety.

Frequency of lifts.

It indicates how often you’re to lift the load. The number of times you’re to lift. If you do this more frequently, it will increase the back stress. 


How good can your hand can grasp the load?. Stress increases when your hand cannot hold or grasp the load properly.

Body Rotation.

If you have to rotate your waist when lifting a load, this will stress the back. 

Horizontal Position.

Consider how far the load is to you when you want to carry the load. It entails your position relative to the load position when carrying the load. 

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