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Brief explanations on the three ISO management system standards every health and safety professional needs to know

ISO management system standards are very important. However, it comes with multiple benefits to the organizations that subscribe to it. For any occupational health and safety practitioner to stand out in this profession, knowledge of these three key standards is needed and they are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2015.

few tips on conducting a tool box talk

few tips to keep in mind when conducting a toolbox talk

Toolbox talks are safety presentations done on-site before the start of any work in the morning or start of any work shift. It could be called a tailgate meeting or a safety brief.

Normally, the presentation should be less than 10 minutes.

The talk highlights the job to be done, the hazards associated with the job and the safety precautions to be followed to prevent harm and ensure that the workers work safely on the job.

Managements role in promoting good safety culture in a workplace

Safety culture just like the name implies is the attitude, perception, values, and beliefs that employees share about safety in our workplace.

In workplaces, there will always be a way people do things.The way they react to issues .the way they respond to incidents and accidents, the way they the workers work and manage productions.

context of the organisation ISO photo

What is the context of the organisation according to the ISO management system?

If you have seen any of the ISO management system standards, you will know that the management system has a high-level structure called Annex L.  The structure allows for easy integration of different ISO management systems standards whenever you want to run an integrated management… Read More »What is the context of the organisation according to the ISO management system?

What is HSE photo

What is HSE-Health, Safety and Environment?

HSE is an acronym that means H for health, S for safety and E for the environment.  HSE combines health, safety and environment programs to ensure a safe and healthy worker in a safe working environment. Health, safety and environment profession is a noble profession.… Read More »What is HSE-Health, Safety and Environment?

Hse manual hse plan difference photo

What is the difference between the HSE manual and the HSE plan?

A health and safety professional must have come across these documents (HSE plan and HSE manual) in their delivery. The acronym HSE means health, safety and environment.  In some places, the two documents are often used interchangeably against the other, though there are a lot… Read More »What is the difference between the HSE manual and the HSE plan?