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How do we make the health and safety policy accessible to all workers

Health and safety policy is an important document that all organisations should comply with in fulfilment of the occupational health and safety management system requirements. the ISO 45001:2018 Standard.

According to the ISO 45001: 2018, occupational health and safety management standard, the organisation should create, maintain and implement a health and safety policy. And the health and safety policy has to be communicated to workers in the workplace.

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30 hand safety tips to prevent hand injury

To understand the importance of the hand, take a brief moment to think of a work or an activity you can comfortably do at the workplace without using your hand. Do you think there is any?

With this, you can agree there is virtually nothing you can do without your hand as a tool. 

So, hand safety is paramount to prevent harm or damage while working

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What does it mean to have safe places of work?

What does it mean to have safe places of work? According to the law in most countries of the world, employers have the responsibility to provide safe places of work. The legal requirements expect the employer to maintain this aspect in their workplace. Also, C155,… Read More »What does it mean to have safe places of work?

loss of fingers

Company fined after worker loses parts of fingers

On August 2021, A 55-year-old operator working a night shift with a manufacturing company called Alpha Solway Limited lost parts of his two fingers when his hand got caught in a facemask-producing machine.  What leads to the loss of fingers? The Operator spotted a problem… Read More »Company fined after worker loses parts of fingers

overturning of dumper

Exeter farmer fined after teenage worker injured on dumper

A farmer, Mr Richard Palfrey hired two teenage workers, 19 and 16 years old to work on his farm. The work is to move material with a dumper as part of improvement works at Upper Kingswells farm in the village of long down in Exeter. While Operating the dumper, it overturned on a steep incline. The 19-year-old ended up in an intensive care.

office fire safety tips

Office fire safety tips

Fire emergencies occurring in offices can lead to damage to properties, harm to persons and losses to the company. However, getting good Office safety for fire prevention will require office safety measures to be in place.  Below are 14 tips that will ensure good office… Read More »Office fire safety tips

bcsp certification

7 steps to get a bcsp certification even when you’re not living in the USA

The BCSP (Board of Certified Safety Professionals) offers various certifications beneficial for professionals in health and safety. To earn a BCSP certification, an individual must choose a certification that aligns with their work experience and education, create an account profile, pay for and sit an exam, and then maintain their certification annually. Acquiring a BCSP certification can increase employability, influence, and respect within the industry.

horseplay at work toolbox talk

Toolbox talk on horseplay at work

Horseplay at work — engaging in rough, playful behavior — can result in serious consequences, from distractions and loss of concentration to physical injuries, damage to company property, and even fatal accidents. It’s particularly prevalent in industries like construction. Both employers and employees have a responsibility to prevent horseplay, with measures including clear policies, safety rules, and training to foster a safer, horseplay-free workplace.