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manual call point fire alarm

Manual call points: what does it do?

A fire alarm call point is essentially a small box containing a button that someone can press in case of emergency, and it will manually trigger the fire alarm in the building. They mount the fire alarm manual call point on a wall. The manual call point is also called the break glass or red manual call point. 

How often should you service fire extinguishers image

How often should you service fire extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers aid us in fighting a fire whenever there is a fire emergency. Every business is responsible for the safety of their premises, with that of workers and visitors at all times.

Provisions of adequate fire extinguishers in the company premises are among the ways every business owner protects the safety of the workers, visitors and the environment.

Fire extinguisher ball photo

Everything you need to know about a fire extinguisher ball

Everything you need to know about a fire extinguisher ball. A fire extinguisher ball is a round-shaped fire extinguisher used to extinguish a fire. It is called a ball because of its round shape. Just like every other fire extinguisher, it puts out the fire… Read More »Everything you need to know about a fire extinguisher ball

office safety toolbox talk

Toolbox talk on office safety

Office safety is one safety people have to maintain at a high level. There is this notion that accident rarely occurs in the office. And that Offices are very safe, unlike construction or factory environment. Injuries sustained from Office accidents may be relatively different from… Read More »Toolbox talk on office safety