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26 exclusive duties of a fire warden


A fire warden is trained, certified and has experience managing fire and everything that concerns fire safety in an organization. Although they can be called fire watch or fire marshals in some places, the main thing is that they have the role of managing fire safety in an organization.

A fire warden plays a vital role. Because fire is a dangerous hazard, and when there is a fire emergency, many things can get damaged and cost millions of dollars to be repaired.

It is equally important that every organization should consider having a fire warden. Still, there are many factors to consider when determining the number of fire warden needed in a given place.

Some of those factors include the size of the premises, the number of employees, and the level of fire risk.

During a fire emergency, a fire warden should be able to conduct a workplace sweep and know when and how to reach an assembly point within two and a half minutes of a fire alarm being activated.

A fire warden considers the different kinds of people in that workplace and knows how best to evacuate them in a fire emergency—other people, such as vulnerable people, young people, and visitors.

There should be more than one fire warden because the other person can stand in for the post if one is unavailable. Having multiple fire wardens ensures that all daily risk assessments are executed accurately and that all safety procedures are followed during a fire emergency.

Understanding Fire warden training

Fire wardens are mainly designed to assist individuals in learning the skills required to be fire wardens. The knowledge gained from the training will help the fire warden to prevent, manage, and respond to fire emergencies at the workplace effectively. Various institutions are running the fire warden training globally. The training content will include:

  • The following fire prevention strategies.
  • Emergency evacuation procedures.
  • The use of fire fighting equipment.

OSHA fire safety training.

OSHA fire safety training is designed for all kinds of audiences in a workplace to engage in the training, including managers, supervisors, and employees. The training familiarizes the learners with fire prevention strategies, measures, and the course of action to follow in an emergency.

The 26 duties of a fire warden

1. A fire warden issues a hot work permit to workers during hot work activities with other parties involved.

2. Conducts weekly user tests on all fire alarm systems and equipment in the workplace.

3. A Fire warden assists in inspecting, servicing and maintaining a range of Fire appliances and Fire protection equipment in the place of work.

4. Conducts a fire drill and ensures all employees participate in it.

5. Lead the fire drill in real-time during the fire emergency and equally assist in the evacuation.

6. Introduce fire risk control measures and ensure that employees know them.

7. Raise awareness In the workplace With other staff about existing fire hazards.

8. Passes instructions to workers on how to respond to fire emergencies.

9. Accounts for all workers during a fire evacuation process.

10. A fire warden ensures that everyone leaves the building whenever there is an emergency.

11. Make sure that all doors are closed during the fire emergency.

12. Ensures that all escape routes are free of obstruction.

13. Inspects and supervises fire Equipment such as fire extinguishers and ensures they are in good condition.

14. Make sure that all fire doors are in good condition.

15. Ensure fire safety signs are available and placed at the designated points.

16. Report all fire hazards in the workplace.


The duties of a fire warden when a fire emergency occurs in their designated area.

1. A fire warden raises an alarm and disseminates information immediately to people about the fire emergency.

2. Guides everyone escaping to a safe area in the best way and lets them avoid using a lift.

3. Assist vulnerable people to escape to safety during an emergency.

4. Closes all fire doors and windows during a fire emergency.

5. Makes use of Fire Fighting equipment to fight the fire.

6. Ensures that everyone assembles at a joint assembly area and a head count is being done.

7. Informs the emergency services and gives them irrelevant information concerning the fire emergency.

8. A fire warden documents every fire emergency in a workplace.

Fire warden requirement globally

A fire warden in all organizations across the UK, Wales, and Scotland is a legal requirement. Various requirements contain the fire warden requirements, including the Fire Scotland Act 2005, Fire Safety Regulation Scotland 2006, and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2001. The various regulations stipulate the number of fire wardens that can be engaged at every given time in an organization, and failure to abide by the regulations can result in fines and punishment for several offenses. In the USA, the OSHA standards contain fire warden requirements. Fire safety is covered in the OSHA standards for general industry (29 CFR 1910 Subparts E and L), Construction industry ( 29 CFR 1926 Subparts C and F), and maritime (29 CFR 1915 Subpart P).


Competency is needed for someone to function as a fire warden. Anyone who wants to venture into that should get adequate training and the requisite knowledge to function effectively. The person can enrol in the training to get certified.

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