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Starting a new career in Health & Safety,these points can be of help to you.

safety career

These points can be of help when you have a new career as a safety officer.

A new career in other jobs is not always easy to cope with your first few months of engagement. Getting a new career in occupational safety and health is likely not be easy. However, it can be a daunting and a scary task but when you are engaged as safety personnel in a new organization or your current workplace. There are certain things you need to know and to do if they are not available.

1. Get professional help from someone with a safety background.

Someone who will tell you and guide you on the practical and theoretical aspect of occupational health and safety. The person must have the knowledge, experience, skills, and ability over the years in a safety profession. This person can help you to understand and teach you how to do things safely.

2. Write a safety policy for that specific business.

Most of all, Safety and health policies are essentials you need to have in any new company. It is signed by the most senior person in the organization. It narrates the statement of intents and objectives on what the management wants to achieve as regards to safety. However, any new company needs to have a well written and thought out policies.  This will be indicating the roles and responsibilities of the individuals on safety matters, when to do things and how to do things safely.

3. Do a risk assessment of the business.

Doing a risk assessment for the business and every job activity is very important. It will help to know the likely risks involved in your works or jobs. The measures on how you can control or to reduce them. In risk assessment, the likely steps you have to take to prevent harm to your employees. And to members of the public or any person that your work may affect.

4. Subject yourself to more safety training.

Consequently, training is good. They are among the proactive measures to acquire knowledge and knowledge is one key thing a safety officer needs to excel in his /her field. Search out for available training and how to attend or register for them.


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